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Sunday, 15 May 2011

Harriet The Spy

bed is calling to me, but i want to finish my movie first.  it's been YEARS since i've seen this movie.  and my thoughts 1/2 way thru are... 

harriet's parents and teacher kinda made her go crazy.  i mean, first of all, a nanny raised her til she was 11 & then just suddenly left because her mom got jealous.  shortly thereafter, her diary is stolen, and her best friends give in to temptation to read / listen to what it said about them, and then turn on her.  she takes the high road for awhile, continues writing.  and then, her parents take away her diary.  she doesn't have an outlet.  she doesn't have any friends.  and her teacher embarrasses her by frisking her in front of the whole class.  THEN, when they spill paint on her, on purpose (which of course the clueless teacher would have no way of knowing it was on purpose), and rub it in, all together, ganging up on her... well, maybe it's just my own anxiety issues and memories of abuse coming up, but i cheered when she jumped up & slapped the witchy ringleader.  not that i condone violence, but i totally understand that build up of fear, hurt, anger.  

and she couldn't even write about what was happening, because her parents took away her only outlet.  

so, she snaps, and she get her revenge.  she doesn't hurt anyone, she isn't violent (after the slap).  but she hits each & every bully in a way that they would feel most especially.  she gets mean on some of them - but it's not because it's who she really is, it's because their bullying drove her to two options - suicide, which is explored when she is filling up the bathtub after the paint incident, or SURVIVAL.  when she comes up from the water, she has chosen survival through revenge.  

her parents take her to a therapist, who sees the value in writing, and explains this to them.  this is a good thing, and her mom apologizing for taking the notebook away is a good thing.  but then her parents arrange for her nanny to come back for a visit.  (side note - i love both michelle trachtenberg & rosie o'donnell.)  her nanny then proceeds to tell her that, altho she had always taught harriet to tell the truth & be proud of the truth, because her classmates were WRONG and violated her privacy, harriet would now have to lie to them to make things right.  

i disagree, of course.  i agree that harriet should apologize for the wrong things she did, because being mean & bullying others in response to their bullying you isn't right.  but the line, "sometimes a really small lie can be a really big help," sends a bad message.  IMO, of course.  *laugh*  

anyway, i'm sure at the end of the movie she'll have her friends back & learn to keep better track of her diaries...  ; ) 

just had to share that thought!!!  goodnight & a blessed tomorrow!


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