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Friday, 6 May 2011

friday funday!

i loved today!!  : )  

work went well, quite productive.  had an interesting phone meeting.  LOL  "hope" called me - thru the computer!  ??  all of a sudden i heard this ringing sound, and i looked at my IM - it said "incoming call."  so i clicked on it & heard a voice floating from my speakers, "carrie?  carrie are you there?"  i typed, "i don't have a microphone."  so she said, "okay, i'll use the hand set."  and then called on the regular phone.

apparently, laptops have microphones.  i don't have a laptop!  LOL  she was quite shocked to learn that.  as well she should be cuz imo we should all have laptops.  of course, then they might expect us to always be available to work... so, maybe not.  *laugh*  

so, anyway, it was a nice meeting!  

while i was looking over something else, i discovered that i hadn't changed my vacation spreadsheet, and i had 2 hours more than i'd thought that i needed to use before may 22nd.  mom was off today & i had dinner plans w/ becca, so i took off at 2 & met mom to see 

(and just for fun, my favorite thor...)

AWESOME!  i cannot even explain how much i love Thor.  he has always (ever since Adventures in Babysitting, or maybe before...) been my favorite god.  i love mythology, learning about gods & goddesses & the stories that ppl told to explain things.  (it's no wonder one of my favorite series is all about the gods & goddesses from greek mythology in modern times!)  i'm grateful that i know the true God, and His love and truth, so i don't think there's anything wrong or bad with learning mythology.  : )  

anyway, this movie was really well-done, visually stunning, and i liked almost everything about it.  the only things i would have enjoyed more is if the quirky sidekick to jane had been jane.  if that makes sense?  and  also i didn't really feel like we got to know thor very well.  i mean, i would have liked a little more development of his transformation.  but, hey, that would've cut into the action scenes, so... LOL  

becca had to reschedule dinner, so mom & i went to WM for groceries.  heh.  found some amazing ice cream treats that i'll have to do a menu blog on soon.  : )  after shopping, we went to subway for dinner & then i came home to watch some renegade, read some blogs, and find cousin brad's pictures from 1975, where i found this gem of my daddy.  : )  

you can't see it very closely in that picture, but i *heart* his hat!!  

tomorrow the boys'll be at mom's for a bit, so i'll hang out over there for awhile.  we might go to the park ... 

for now, sleep calls!  : )  


(i had some other stuff to write, but can't remember now.  hate when that happens!!)  

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