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Monday, 9 May 2011


or turned around.  

work was alright today.  it was a monday.  lots accomplished, which is always helpful!  

i haven't been able to shake my dream all day, tho.  it's like every couple hours i'll think, "oh, i miss... " and then i'll realize i'm missing a dream.  WEIRD!

after work, i tried to get to uncle gary's visitation.  i have lived here all my life, and i know my way around.  except when i got to the church where i thought the visitation was happening - nada.  oh, but there was a taco dinner going on.  lol  so i am looking around, for someone to help me, and it's all echo-y, and i've already fought a panic attack twice just to make it IN the building, because i couldn't figure out where to park.  i asked the man sitting at the reception desk if he was the information guy, and he was like, "i can be."  i guess he was just sitting there waiting for ppl or something, but it was nice of him to help me out!  *laugh*  

see, there's a st paul's lutheran and a st paul's catholic, just a few blocks away from each other.  i'd managed to go to the lutheran church.  d'oh!  dude found a paper so i could see where the obituary said - st paul's catholic - ohhh, that's not where i am?  oye!  *laugh*  really!  

at this point, i couldn't even think of trying to find the other st paul's, so i just went ahead to chili's, to meet becks for dinner.  the Lord, knowing that i couldn't handle any more panic attacks tonight, got us both there at the same time, so i didn't have to go in by myself or anything!  : )  

dinner was good, of course!  good company, nice waitress, good service, great food!  i'll have to write up a menu post soon.  i did try something new, well new to me!  and becca reminded me to take a picture, cuz i just dug right in!  lol  

seriously bed is calling.  i do not know why i wait so long to write my posts!  i'm sure there are many things i want to say, but i don't write them & then... yeah.  i found out that bug's uncle passed away recently, too.  :(  saddened!  prayers all around, yes?  thank you!  

i hope your monday was sassy, but in a good way!  


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