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Friday, 27 May 2011


i do love music!  

today was a whole lotta - sleeping in, watching White Collar, catching up w/ blogs (it's so easy to get behind!), writing bills, opening lip balm (yankee candle lip balm!  so cute & so far i like how it feels/tastes!), CLEANING, letting the pest control dude in, errands (bank/post office/BK for an iced coffee).  i went to phil's to hang out w/ him & the boys for a little bit before they left.  they were playing monopoly - and leyton was beating anthony!!  LOL  phil was buying up all kindsa properties, so i'm thinking he was winning.  : ) 

while there, i read the latest TV Guide, which told me which of my shows got the axe - No Ordinary Family & Human Target.  *cry*  no more of this guy??  how will i go on?

and guererro!  dude!  i will miss this team.  
this show will have to join my dvd collection.  

and NOF was unique & awesome & super hero-y.  and, hello, GREAT cast as well!  wth?!!  :(   

so, that was disappointing.  also disappointing - didn't get to chat w/ april.  *sniffle*  

not disappointing?  baylee's fundraiser.  spending time w/ my family.   : )  

 they have groupies!!  : )  

the sky was beautiful on my way home.  i love God's artwork!!  

and more WC!  i'll be done w/ season 1 soon & then will move on to season 1 of Royal Pains.  : )  but that'll be after my long weekend of fun w/ joyums & her family!  

ttfn!  oh yeah - don't forget to enter the giveaway!  : )  

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  1. I loved Mark Valley on Boston Legal...a show that I still miss. There was a show a couple of years ago that was cancelled and I'm still sad... "Dirty Sexy Money"...so awesome.

  2. oh yes, boston legal was awesome!! denny gray. lol william shatner was great on that, too. i never watched DSM, but heard it was good.