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Sunday, 8 May 2011

thought vomit

it really irritates me to read about ppl spending money when they owe me money & they tell me they'll pay me back & they don't but they brag all about how they spent their money.  i mean, if you're not going to pay me back, just tell me.  i'd much rather you were honest about the fact that you have no intention of paying me back, rather than stringing me along or whatever.  :(   

it also irritates me when ppl ignore me, except when i have something they want, and then they lie to me about ignoring me so they can get what they want, and then once they have what they want, they ignore me again.  so :p~~~~  on that!

reno's hair in the first episode of season five of renegade is HORRIBLE and annoying me a lot!  like, it's so bad i'm having trouble concentrating on the plot... it's a mullet!  i hope i don't have to go all season w/ that hair... 

i ran out of checks & the bank mentioned getting a debit card, which i've been contemplating anyway, but i still don't know if i want to go in that direction.  

an old pastor of mine wrote a devotional book.  can't wait to read it!  

i need to figure out where the church is for uncle gary's funeral.  the visitation is tomorrow night & the funeral on tuesday.  mom's not able to go because of work.  :(  i mean, she could bring the boys, i suppose, but that's not really the sort of thing one does... ?

sleep sounds good.



  1. Checks - Hardly ever write them....the Army only does automatic deposit and I've set up all of my bills to be paid online. I don't think my husband could write a check to save his life...well maybe to save his life...but not for any other reason. ;)

  2. ha! yes, i really should save my stamps for fun mail & set up more online payments, too...