"Nothing but heaven itself is better than a friend who is really a friend."

Thursday, 26 May 2011


tonight was so much fun!  after work, i met mom & the boys at incredible pizza.  watched them play laser tag & then we ate (i really do love their buffet!) & then we played some more.  :)  skeeball!  and some bowling.  

there was a group of little girls who i thought were rather rude (well, the parents)... they just all piled in where i was sitting... idk, it was just annoying.  

leyton & i had a blast playing air hockey.  : )  i think anthony liked laser tag the best.  and mom always likes deal or no deal.  heh.

i got home at about 10 after 8, and wanted to chat w/ april - i miss her! - but aunt carol & uncle mike picked me up at 8:30.  hopefully we'll get to chat tomorrow night, altho dawn reminded me that baylee's fundraiser is tomorrow night.  d'oh!  (april, if you get to read this, i should be home by 8 my time...)  we picked dawn up & then headed to iowa city.  the ride was so much fun, first of all!  dawn gave me one of bradley's senior pictures, too.  yay!  

we got to the mill in time to hear a banjo player before mandi's set.  then it was time for mandi, w/ mikey on percussion & her friend & bandmate... whose name i can't remember... on guitar.  

the pictures i took w/ my phone are awful, but i still wanted to share!!  : )  they did so well!!!  after their set, a trio took the stage, and they were good, too.  dawn, mikey & i were really enjoying them, but it was pushing 11 & mike & carol needed to go, so we had to leave after their second song.  

more chatting on the car ride back & more fun for sure.  i love my family, love love love!!!!

i also love VACATION!!  : )  tomorrow i am going to sleeeeeep in.  then i have errands - PO & bank & gas station & WM & then the pest control peeps are coming btwn 2 & 3.  then baylee's fundraiser for her missions trip to nicaragua at 6 & then home by 8.  busy busy!  

so, this weekend is memorial weekend.  thank God for our men & women in the military.  thank God for their bravery, their dedication, and their willingness to give up their time and pieces of their lives to protect our country.  



  1. Incredible pizza is cool. I threw a surprise birthday party there for my husband a few years back.

  2. oooh, what game did you guys like best??