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Monday, 23 May 2011

Postcardapalooza III

today was a good day!  altho my email box was crazy w/ more timecard things, and even tho i did them friday before i left, my vacations were out of control... but i whipped everything into shape, so that was good!  LOL  and i was only there til 6... ; )  

my mailbox was full of happy mail tonight!  a beautiful letter from micaela (thank you!) on way cute stationery!  

also got lovely cards from my visiting teacher, jamie: 

and postcrossing, lithuania: 


and canada: 

: )  

also making me happy tonight - finally catching up on some more blogs and watching lots of Walker.  : )  currently watching an episode at a medieval times, guest starrrrring none other than Josh Holloway from Lost!  mmmm!  an earlier episode had mercedes mcnab as a guest, and i just love her!  she was harmony on buffy/angel, and was hilarious - especially when harm was a vamp.  she's got good drama chops, too.  

not making me happy?  tornadoes.  BLECH!  please join me in keeping those in joplin, mo, in prayer, and also continuing to pray for the victims of the southern storms.  

goodnight & have a blessed tuesday!  ttfn!

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  1. awww i love chatting/writing you ;)

    you get the BEST postcrossings!!!

    and yes, i am with you on the prayers.