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Sunday, 1 May 2011

Born This Way

first of all, i think y'all know that i'm unclear on my personal feeling regarding whether or not ppl are truly "born" gay.  there seem to be valid Biblical arguments for both camps.  so, not planning to rehash any of that here!  

yesterday i got the new Glee cd, The Warblers, at the target, and listened to it almost non-stop this afternoon during all my travels.  so, when i got home from taking The Tourist back to the video store (and stopping at taco john's for some dinner), i decided to try & watch last week's Glee.  thankfully, my  computer cooperated & i was able to watch what i feel is one of my top 10 episodes!  

first of all, having kurt back in the glee club is fabulous, even tho i'm happy he joined the warblers for awhile to give us more great music!  : )  the storyline arc allowing him to return was brilliant.  the whole time the bully was apologizing to the glee club, i was tearing up.  even tho i know he was kinda blackmailed into it, i'm hopeful that being involved in the anti-bullying movement and the FLAG chapter will give his character a true change of heart.

then, kurt being sung out of the warblers - i'd already watched that scene on a preview, and it gave me a huge grin the second time seeing it as well, especially after watching the scenes before it!  

the flash mob at the mall, orchestrated for rachel.  LOVED IT!  the hurt and honesty on her face when she & quinn were in the doctor's office was terrific.  heartbreaking.  having finn, puck, and kurt stand up for her, to show her how loved she is, as is, was amazing.  and of course, you know i love a good flash mob in general.  : )  

the emma storyline.  i don't even know what to say about it, except i'm so happy that they're delving more into it, rather than keeping it as a "comedic extra" type of storyline.  i did feel that will was a bit of a bully about it, tho, so i'm not sure exactly that i agree w/ the approach there.  

the t-shirts!!!!  i love that lauren's said "bad attitude" and that artie's said "four eyes."  these were things that were believable and yet not the first thing you would think of w/ them.  which to me was a brilliant move, showing that their characters are comfortable w/ the things about themselves others might not be.  i love that brittany made santana a t-shirt, and that she ended up wearing it, but not making it to be in the performance.  idk if we'll see what happened or not, but what i imagine is that she went to tell the bully dude (david?) that she was ready to embrace her "lebanese-ness" and she wouldn't out him.  

their rendition of Born This Way was very well executed!  i go back & forth about this song, liking it then not.  i don't enjoy the first line, "it doesn't matter if you love him or capital H i m..."  because it DOES matter.  i mean, i understand what point the lyrics are trying to make & all, but ... again, i would just say that it DOES matter if you love Him.  

so!  did you watch?  what did you think of this episode?


whaaaat do you think of the big news of the day?  osama is DEAD.

do you think it matters, as far as the "war on terror" is concerned?  i mean, it is a victory for our US military, for certain!  congratulations to the men & women involved in this mission are well-deserved! however... it's kind of like w/ sadam.  we spent how long, how many man hours, how many lives, hunting this piece of lunacy down?  for 10 years.  and so we capture, or we kill, and then... retaliation?  so are we safer, as a country, now that he's dead?  or have we just painted an even larger target on our country?  

as i said, tho, either way our military deserves KUDOS!  : )  

and that's my time for today!  tomorrow's a weird one - i get to sleep in, tho! 


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