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Sunday, 8 May 2011

happy mother's day!!

another weird dream to start my mother's day... i'd just given birth to leyton - but 4 year old leyton.  it was really strange - the hospital room was my old bedroom which was later his bedroom.  the doctors kept going in & out of the closet, and they seemed to think he was a normal newborn, but wanted to feed him a cheeseburger because he had all his teeth.  then i woke up & went to the loo & went back to bed.  the next dream took place at a college, and i was w/ two female officers in the basement, trying to find the "bad guy" - no idea who we were looking for!  lol  but then suddenly, two other officers showed up & arrested the blond officer.  we all took her outside, and i was talking to the redheaded cop, when suddenly the blonde broke free of her cuffs, grabbed one of the other officer's gun & shot both of them 3 times.  the redhead & i ran into the commons where the marines were stationed & they set up a perimeter around us.  

and then i woke up again!  

this time, it was time to head to the Olive Garden to stake a table for lunch w/ mom & grammy.  now, we thought they opened at 11, their usual time.  however, when i arrived at 11:15, they were already packed & had a 30 minute wait.  d'oh!  it was super nice out, tho, so i didn't mind being in line, other than the anxiety... i mostly looked at my phone til it was time to go to our table.  : )  

it was a lovely lunch, delicious and great service!  ppl may poo-poo on the olive garden, but they're tasty!

after lunch, we went to grammy's to play canasta.  aunt carol came over & we played partners.  mom & i won, which is cool, but it was tons of fun which is more important!  i don't often get to play w/ aunt carol.  usually sunday games are w/ aunt jan.  

aren't they all so cute??  : )  

later, cousin chris came over w/ a potted plant for grammy.  

nice, right??  

cousin chris is aunt jan's son, and he's continuing the tradition of entrepreneurship w/ his awesome BBQ business, Bones BBQ.  if you're local, check him out.  smoked pork & chicken, nummies!  

i didn't make it to meg's shower, but happy i got to spend mucho time w/ the family!  

how'd you spend your mother's day?  


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