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Wednesday, 25 May 2011

all leyton all day

today was a blast!!!  : )  

i got to phil's a little after 10, wished him a happy birthday (he's 31 today, my little brother!!) & then he laid down for a bit while leyton & i played.  

after a bit, we headed out.  i got up late & didn't have time for breakfast before heading over there, so our first stop was mcd's for a chicken nugget kids' meal.  that way leyton could have some fries & an OJ ... i used to really love mcd's chicken nuggets, but after having CFA?  seriously blech.  well, okay, not that bad, just ... idk.  ANYWAY, they gave my tummy a reprieve from the empty, hollow feeling, and that was the important part! 

 "take a picture of my cheek," so i take this picture - he sees it & says, "oh, you got my ear, too..."  LOL 

next stop was target.  dollar spot garnered me some cuuuute keroppi stuff & got leyton a new dump truck.  : )  thanks to marianne, i knew that white collar was on sale, so we picked season 1 up.  also picked up season 1 of royal pains, which was also on sale!  i think target's prices for TV series are way overrated, but when they have a sale, it's a SALE!  

after target, we went across the bridge to the JD pavilion, but when we got there, leyton didn't want to get out of the car & go in.  which was fine - he wasn't whiny about it or anything, he was just like, "nah, aunt carrie, i don't want to do that today."  i was disappointed - i never get to just go to the pavilion, and i love it there!  but we had fun anyway.  we were going to go to a park... but it'd rained so much that the ground was literally saturated w/ water.  puddles in the grass, that kinda thing!  leyton handled that disappointment well, and we decided to just go to BK for lunch & then home for a rest/nap.

we got to mom's just in time for GH.  oh goodness, there are some INTENSE stories going on right now!  luke, the whole luke thing is just heartbreaking.  

i love both tony geary & jonathan jackson... !  

then we have the sonny/brenda/kristina/ethan thing... 

okay, this one makes me go "ugh, replay."  i mean, soaps recycle storylines all the time.  and when it's done well, it feels like an insider thing & not annoying.  THIS, however - UGH!!!  if you watch, let me know if you agree, or if you like kristina/ethan.  or if you like how sonny's attitude is ... well... old sonny instead of the man he's grown into ... 

anyway, saw some good commercials for OLTL, too... missing that show lots!!

we played & watched GH til it was time to go pick up anthony.  except by that time phil decided he couldn't sleep, so he went to get anthony & leyton & i went outside to play!

then we went to subway to pick up dinner & went to jen's to hang out w/ anthony & watch Bones & Disney channel.  (and play a little football before the rain started!)  all in all, a GREAT night!  and day!  : )  

tomorrow, work work work.  will be playing catch up from today and also preparing to be gone friday.  : )  heehee.  after work, it'll be incredible pizza w/ mom & the boys.  then aunt carol & uncle mike are picking me up to go to iowa city for mandi & mikey's performance at the mill.  WOOT!  i've not been to a live performance of mandi before, so this will be awesome!  they're both very musically talented!!  

now, i must sleep.  didn't get to bed til 3 yesterday, then up at 9:30... not enough sleep!!  shawn's coming friday for pest control & i need to see about getting my oil changed, too... still, hoping i can sleep til 10 on friday!!  


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