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Saturday, 7 May 2011

sunshiny shiny shine!

what another amazing day!  God is good to bless me so.  : )  

i had a weird dream that i was living in a house w/ mom, shortly after daddy passed away, and bret was there, too.  he didn't live there, he was just hanging out.  i went upstairs to my bedroom, which was in an attic-type space.  it was decorated very un-like me, all in pink & flowers, but it felt like home in the dream.  i snuggled on the bed & all of a sudden there was a buzzing "WAKE UP!" and i tried to hit snooze, but there wasn't a snooze button.  

and then i woke up.  quite strange!  

it's also been a strange food day - for breakfast i put my last Easter egg on a frozen sausage & cheese microwave biscuit.  for lunch i had a hodge podge - vienna sausages, pork & beans, animal crackers, salt & vinegar chips & sugar free jello.  dinner was fish fillets w/ cheese & a baked potato.  more normal.  however, i whipped in some spinach & herb dip mix w/ the sour cream & oh my goodness it was yummy!  highly recommend this as an alternative to tartar sauce!

tried to watch survivor, but the computer wasn't liking it today, so watched renegade instead.  i thought season 4 was the last season, but discovered when i switched discs that there's a season five!  WOOT!  : )  

around 4 i went to mom's to hang out w/ her & phil & the boys for a couple hours.  SO MUCH FUN!  i love that the weather is getting nicer!

 just missed!  


 looking at gramma's mother's day gift (a thirtyone tote & chocolate)

 i love the shadow - looks like the CBS symbol!!  

this photo cracks me up - the bat & the frisbee up in the air...!

as you can see, we played some baseball & some hoops & some friiiisbee.  : )  heh.  

the only downside was anthony's attitude.  UGH!  i love that boy to pieces, but he can slice my heart to pieces just like that.  : (  *sigh*  

please keep my family in prayer.  my uncle gary passed away this morning.  :(  he'd been sick for a couple years, so this wasn't sudden - but at the same time, isn't all death sudden?  funeral's on tuesday.  

so, with that news, i am looking at the BLESSINGS of today, of life.  the Lord has blessed me, and continues to bless me, and i am so grateful!  

and, finally... if you like the wizard of oz, please check out a recent Blog of Note that i found today & have been reading voraciously off & on all day.  Dorothy: Locked and Loaded.  i'm on part ten, and have highly enjoyed it so far!  (edit: a few parts after ten now, and the story gets more disturbing after that, so i'm not sure i can recommend it anymore.  lots of language and whatnot... but it started off good!)  

tomorrow's mother's day.  hug your mom, call her, tell her you love her.  i'll be going to lunch w/ mine & hers, then probably playing some canasta.  : )  then meg & justin's shower is tomorrow night, but i'm not sure if i'll be able to make it!  we'll see!  what're your mother's day plans?  


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