"Nothing but heaven itself is better than a friend who is really a friend."

Sunday, 22 May 2011

more blessings!

today was amazing & fun & blessed & oh so wonderful!!  

mom & leyton picked me up at 12:30 & we went to happy joe's/rudy's for a lunch buffet.  it was the end of the buffet time, so selections were not 100%, but it was still very yummy!  their enchiladas were my favorite!

 scraped his knee up yesterday at wendy's - but it's looking better already today!  

 am loving his cutely funny facial expressions!!

next we went to the zoo!  leyton was of course excited!  : ) 

lookin' cool & relaxed on the train 

 she made this elephant statue look quite spiffy!  

 the real elephant was twisting & trying to break this piece of plastic.  idk if she was trying to make some art or what... : )  

after allowing a goat to feed out of your hands, it's best to sanitize!!  : )  

 if there is an animal i love as much as turtles, it would be the giraffe!!  we had JUST missed feeding time.  leyton was a little disappointed (me, too!)!  

before we left, we took a breather to watch the train come thru the tunnel.  there's a convenient gazebo w/ benches right there!  : )  

after the zoo, since we were on that side of the river, we stopped by nick's again to see if bret was home & if we could get the duffels.  bret wasn't home, but nick was, and so mom was able to get daddy's bag.  mine wasn't there, and bret finally responded to mom & said he didn't have it.  then i texted him & he did actually have a whole conversation w/ me about it.  however, nothing really resolved.  at this point, i don't even know if misha actually DID give him the bag - she wasn't sure, either, but was going to look for it... bother!  but, if only one bag could be recovered, i'm glad it was daddy's.  i can buy a new bag... ya know?  and i have the bag i got in alaska to use, it's just small & i usually use it for overnights, not 4 days/3 nights!  but like tim gunn says, i'll make it work!!  : )  

we went to DD for iced coffees & a coolatta for leyton & he & i split a donut as well.  YUMMY!  

then leyton & i hung out here while mom went to WM & we had so much fun!!!  : )  we played w/ his new Cars ball outside until it started to rain.  then we came inside, played cars & jumped, watched thomas & ate popcorn & snuggled til mom got here.

seriously, that hat is too cute!!! 

there were some pretty intense storms tonight w/ crazy straight-line winds!!  apparently some of those picked up carts at target!  yikes!  and joplin, missouri... oh, what is going on w/ all these tornadoes everywhere???  

ending on an upside, cuz i have GOT TO GO TO BED!  lol  i got to chat w/ joy for awhile tonight, after such a long time!!!  very happy!!  : )  (now, to just get a convo in w/ april soon - if you have time to read this, i hope your week is less hectic & BLESSED!)  in a week i'll be hanging out w/ joyums, too.  yay!!!!  

have a great night/day & may the Lord bless & keep you safe tomorrow!  


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