"Nothing but heaven itself is better than a friend who is really a friend."

Thursday, 5 May 2011

Cinco de Mayo means Mexican food for two meals today!

have i mentioned my love of mexican food?  i have?  several times?  ohhh.  well then, you know what makes me happy!  since the 5th fell on a thursday, which is our cafeteria's normal taco day, i had taco meat & cheese for lunch.  our lunch dude brought us some treats, so i forwent any tortillas & ate a bite of a few different cakes.  nummies!!  the best part of lunch, however, was the company.  my friend mel doesn't normally get to take time to eat lunch in the cafe w/ us, but today she did, and it was awesome.  : )  i spent most of my day working on memorials, while having a hilarious conversation w/ my friend dawn - and eventually anna joined in.  LOL  dawn & i were sorta having this conversation about why anna wasn't chiming in, and when anna got home ... well, hilarity continued!  it's not often i get to do something like that, so it was nice to have that going on.  : )  

after work, i stopped at dunkin for a 99 cent coffee (mmmm) & then i met mom & the boys at the newly christened Azteca 4, formerly el rodeo.  YUMMY!!!  leyton was having fun looking at the fish tank they have, and making friends w/ a kid who was also looking at the tank.  : )  normally at this restaurant i have enchiladas but tonight i just had tacos.  they were gooood tacos, tho!  heh.  

then it was home to watch celebrity apprentice (oh my goodness, nene took the gloves off now!  brilliant move by john rich!  i think he should win...) & of course more renegade.  lol  i'm on the last season, tho... *sniffle*  i had some really great mail in my box - the special edition ROYAL WEDDING People!!  *bounce*  closeups of the dress, the kiss, the EARRINGS, which i didn't realize had acorns.  too cute!  

oh, i remembered to bring my camera in tonight, so here's a look at the giveaway loot... well, part of it.  i'm keeping a couple things that will actually be IN the pouch a surprise for the winner!  : )  

so, whatchya think?  if it's something you'd like to have show up in your mail box, leave a comment or three on the giveaway post!  : )  

ttfn!  tomorrow is friday, thank GOD and i believe i'm having dinner w/ becks & then maybe THOR w/ mom.  love love!  

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  1. mexi food is DEF the plus about living in el paso!!! it's a shame i was sooo tired from NYC i didn't even go out! :( ha! crazy right!?!?!

    speaking of NY-- THANK YOU WITH ALL MY HEART for the beautiful NY notepad-- SO CUTE! and just the kind of thing i always keep in my purse. you are the sweetest! like that giveaway?!!? AMAZING! i feel bad since i've already won a giveaway here but i wanted to tell you how SPECIAL it is and how very SWEET you are!!! xoxoxo