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Saturday, 21 May 2011

a happy go-lucky kinda day (much better than that other ranty blog!)

so, i do hope ppl read the ranty blog, because i'd like to know i'm not alone in my desire for all this icky political fighting to GO AWAY already!  alas, i know it will only get worse w/ the elections coming up. 

however, today was a beautiful and wonderful and BLESSED day, so let's focus on that, shall we?

i had a lovely lunch w/ juli & her kids, sarah & andrew; renee & jill & jill's baby aiden; and a surprise visitor from texas, monica!!  : )  we met at arthur's, which was paaaacked, but we were able to snag a table that fit all of us.  (and by we, i mean juli & the kids cuz they were there first!)  the food was delicious as always, and the company was amazing.  : )  we made plans to have a cookout for hopefully a larger group - including spouses & in my case brother & nephew - in july.  heh.  good times!!

sarah & andrew had picked some flowers for me & put them in a pretty red vase.  i had presents for them, as well, so it was a nice exchange.  it was so cute, but made me feel bad that i had to say not today - andrew wanted to come home w/ me!!  i need to figure out a time to take those two out to a movie.  : )  

after lunch, i came home for a couple hours, and tried to watch blue bloods, but the computer said no. *cry*  so i watched macgyver instead.  mom & leyton picked me up around 4 & we went to nick's to see if bret was there w/ the duffel bags... 

sadly, he did not reply to my text.  he did eventually reply to mom's, saying he was out of town & on his way home.  however, then she asked when he would get home - no answer.  what is the deal?  the more he ignores us & avoids us, the more we both think that he did something w/ the bags & doesn't have them anymore.  :(  SO NOT COOL!  

thankfully, leyton was in a really goofy mood and made us quite happy despite the grimm thoughts of the fate of our bags... 

we decided to stop by the john deere pavilion so leyton could look at the tractors.  he was excited, but sad that we couldn't go inside because they were closed.  we might go on wednesday before nap then!  : )  

 i LOVE how he's standing.  and he was so disappointed by the sign... which he sort of "read!" 

He was playing host here, "And this is our new model..."  : )   

there were kids & their parents taking pictures ... must've been a formal tonight?!  they were all very pretty.  leyton took a picture, but sadly, blurry!  

so, you know how the bridge is under construction?  well, we didn't want to take that one back for that reason.  so we drove to a different bridge, but it's a draw bridge & it was up.  d'oh!  

we turned around & tried to go over yet another one, but mom wasn't sure how to get to it, and besides, there was the blue bridge which would take us closer to our houses, so we finally got to that one!  : ) (we really do have lots of bridge options...)  : )  

it's supposed to storm a bit tonight, but not stick around.  i'm hoping that tomorrow will be clear & pretty again, at least til the evening - we'll go to the zoo if it's nice!!  : )  

how was your saturday?  : )  





  2. Awww! Hopefully still GOOD, tho!