"Nothing but heaven itself is better than a friend who is really a friend."

Thursday, 19 May 2011

*heart* the cow

oh goodness, i am TIRED.  :)  

today was a blessed day.  God is good, you know?  i got my claims in for cut off, AND in time to meet mom & the boys at chick fil a for dinner.  i was worried about that for awhile this morning - i was trying to work on claims, and my email just BLEW UP w/ timecard issues, so i spent an extra hour & a half on phone calls back & forth to get those resolved.  i actually had to leave a couple til tomorrow, because i just didn't have time to delve into them.  but the ones i did get to research & whatnot were fun!  i love getting to connect w/ ppl & help them out w/ whatever!!!  : )  

for lunch, trish & i met w/ some retirees & pre-retirees for cheeseburger baskets.  YUMMY!  i was a little concerned about some of the conversation, tho, just because ... well, sometimes ppl are bitter about things, and they're a little more vocal than they should be in public... idk, i was just uncomfortable w/ some of the direction.  but other than THAT, i loved the visiting!!  : )  one of the ladies brought a gift for trish's grandson's birthday & i want to get one for leyton!  it's a dinosaur that purrs when you pet it & makes cute growly noises!  it reminded me of the velociraptors from the first (awesome) jurassic park!  : )  

after work, i braved the bridge which is currently under construction.  CRAAAAZY traffic!  but a 5 minute journey only took me 45, so hey... LOL  and dinner was lots of fun!  leyton's best friend the cow was there for high five's & fist bumps.  too cute, seeing little kids fist bumping a cow!  heh.  

when i got home, i was able to watch the latest Glee - so sad, yet so brilliant!!!  made me want to go back to the beginning, so i watched disc one of season one, too.  : )  

ummm... talked to juli for a little bit about lunch on saturday.  then had a fun texting convo w/ renee about the same.  we decided on arthur's.  yay!!  mom came in while i was talking to juli, to use the loo. apparently, anthony once again didn't have a key, and no one (*ahem*) bothered to tell mom.  and jen wasn't scheduled to get home til after 9.  mom was like, "what the heck?!"  oye.  anyway, i guess phil had to come up & open the apt.  craziness.  

okay, one of these days i have to remember to write a post about how nervous my neighbors make me.  not in like a "they're scary" way - they're all really nice.  but my anxiety level just goes up when they're outside & i'm outside - do i wave?  do i say hi?  do i talk to them?  am i rude if i don't wave every time?  how hurt do i need to be when they don't talk to me?  do i want them to talk to me?  

well, i guess that was the post.  LOL  gotta get to beddy bye!  ttfn!  hope your friday is SPECTACULAR!  


  1. I have not watched Glee for quite awhile. I think I'm officially "Gleed" out.

    I only talk to a few of my neighbors. Most of my neighbors are never outside. And I don't feel bad if they don't talk to me. I'm usually busy with the girls or yard work when I'm out there anyhow. I don't live on Wisteria lane and have to be up in everyone's business. :)

  2. oh no! gleed out?? that doesn't sound good... lol

    and also LOLOLOL to the wisteria lane comment. for some ppl, i think knowing what's going on w/ everyone must be like air!