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Tuesday, 17 May 2011

a message from our sponsors

i don't actually have sponsors... LOL  

today was like a monday.  crazy busy, kept having to rearrange my schedule, phone calls, emails, photos w/ the wrong ID #'s, AND i had a nasty run-in w/ a stapler.  the stapler may have won... oh yes, it was a nutty, busy day.  but still lovely!  the weather was gorgeous.  

lunch was salmon.  no salad, no cottage cheese, which was kinda disappointing.  cafe said there was no spinach anywhere, but later i found out that another building had spinach at lunch, so that was annoying.  i mean, i made a good salad w/ everything else (and there were almond slivers, which was new & different!) but a little spinach would have been nice.  *laugh*  

i left a little after 5:30, and met michelle at pizza & subs for dinner.  got rock star parking & went in, thinking she'd already be there because i was running a bit late.  she was not... i'd never been before, and fought a slight panic attack while waiting for her to get there.  i was okay until the line started to fill up, but then a nice, chatty older man sat next to me on the bench & then michelle was there & all was good.  i'm glad my friendly gene kicks in easily!  (however, the flip side of that is that my anxiety gene kicks in just as easily!)  

anywhoo, all was well, and we had a good two hour visit!  i ordered an eggplant calzone, which was totally new, as idk when i've had eggplant (tho i'm sure i must have at some point).  a calzone is basically a hot pocket, so that wasn't really new.  my one complaint would be that it took us almost an hour to get our food.  but at least it was YUMMY!  and that gave us more time to chat, so that's cool.  it's just that i was quite peckish!  LOL  and, did i remember to take pictures?  hahahaha!  darn it!  :(  

i did take some pictures of the nice little area behind the restaurant.  i'd like to live in a pretty house on the river.  (as long as it didn't flood!)

came home & watched Tarzan (you know), read some nifty articles online (remember Roseanne?  i didn't realize how much she was fighting for her show.  she did a good job.  comic genus that she is!!), and then gave in to my need for Walker.  : )  

now, bed is seriously calling my name!!  hope your day went well & all!  <3  


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  1. Calzone = yum. I've never had eggplant before...ever.