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Saturday, 14 May 2011

i *heart* today

today was so much fun!  

got a lot done before lunch - gas for chloe, post office to mail some packages & letters (and a postcard), bank... 

lunch at granite city w/ uncle gene, aunt nancy, aunt judy & cousin jenni.  i hadn't invited mom because we'd made these plans at uncle gary's funeral, but then later i was talking to mom & felt bad about not inviting her.  hate when things like that happen!  anyway, it was a lunch filled w/ lots of laughter, and that was good for all of us!  

after lunch, we all went to the crow's nest, which is a new art shop in an old telemarketing building.  beautiful, beautiful artwork by many talented artists!  

i bought some local art cards, which some of you will be receiving sometime i'm sure!  *laugh*  

there's this one artist (whose name i've now forgotten, of course, and he didn't have a business card) who worked w/ wood, and it was so gorgeous!  he handcarved all sorts of pictures - raccoons, flowers, even Jesus!  just amazing talent all over this gallery!  and it was so neat to hang out w/ everyone for awhile after lunch, too.  : )  

i tried to call my friend murlene, but thought i must have her number wrong in my phone cuz i got the VM of someone named brad.  weird.  anyway, i still need to call christina, too.  d'oh!  

i came home & watched some renegade & then called mom to see if she wanted to see Fast Five.  she did, so i met her at the theatre at 4.  EXCELLENT MOVIE!!  really, really enjoyed it!!!  : )  i like vin diesel, and the rock, and paul walker.  even ludacris did a great job!!  some observations, tho: 

why was the rock sweating so much more than everyone else???  i mean, i understand it was hot, in rio when they were filming, but no one else was dripping w/ sweat just from getting out of the car... apparently his assistant didn't towel him off before they called "action!" ??  

Ae performance must've dropped some big advertising dollars - they were on the side of a car & a shirt, at least.  idk what they are... but i now know the name!  LOL  

loved how they did the subtitles!  very well done & big enough to read & left them on there long enough, too.  nothing worse than trying to read subtitles & them being too small or too fast!!  there were lots of good LOL moments, too, that we needed time to read so we could LOL!  

vin doesn't say much in this movie, which was sad for me!  a lot of ppl make fun of his speech or whatever, but i like it.  it makes him seem more human or something.  

after the movie, i hung out at mom's for a bit.  subway for dinner.  and some of this...

then home to finish renegade (it's over... *sniffle* and i don't really like the last season.  some of it, yes, but ... lorenzo's hair was yucky the whole time, and it just felt a little too cobbled together.  i think if they'd just had one more hour for the finale... but i admit i'm likely spoiled by 2 hour finales now!).  

now, i think bed is calling my name.  

i pray the Lord will forgive my sins, sinful thoughts & actions, that He will bless tonight and tomorrow, and that He will bless YOU as you read this posting.  *HUGS*  


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