"Nothing but heaven itself is better than a friend who is really a friend."

Wednesday, 18 May 2011


Of the week.  That’s today!  Woohoo!  And it was a pretty lovely one, too.  Morning was quite productive.  Got the photo issues from yesterday worked out.  (I think…LOL)  worked on some other stuff.  And then it was lunch time!!  now, trish had said at break that she needed to drive separately since she was taking vacation this afternoon.  So, I thought that meant she & I would go separate from the bosses & then I’d catch a ride back w/ them.  When it was time to leave, I IM’d her & said I had to go to the loo & would then meet her at her desk.  She IM’d back “I have to go , too, so see you there!”  I thought she meant the loo… she did not show up in the loo.  So then I thought maybe she was at her desk, or the car… no dice there!  When she said “there” she meant the restaurant, so I ended up driving myself.  Which was okay, just silly since I could have just ridden w/ the bosses!  LOL  oh well, it all worked out well.  *laugh
Lunch was pumpkin curry, of course, with leftovers for dinner.  Conversation flowed pretty naturally & smoothly, and got to learn more about the new boss.  I really, really think she’ll be a good fit.  I have been praying and praying that the Lord would put the perfect person in the position, as He did w/ my current boss.  And I truly trust Him!!  J 
The afternoon drug a little, because I had some errands to run before going to jen’s to watch the boys, and so the lists kept going thru my head.  *laugh*  and when that happens, well, time slows down for some reason!  Thankfully, I still managed to get some productive things done, like prepped all the claims for tomorrow’s deadline (and even got some put in the system!  Score!).  and I stayed til 5, so still had that extra hour of time to work!! 

after work, took the longer way around & went to the bank by our old family home.  then to my house quick & then subway for dinner.  YUMMY!  i got leyton a ham & cheese, w/ mayo, because most of the time he east mayo...well, tonight he got 1/2 way thru his sammy & said "yuck, who put mayo on my sandwich??"  LOL  so, i guess at least he ate 1/2!  after dinner, all three of us went outside and had a great time tossing the football!  til the end, when anthony got mad about something & chucked the ball at leyton's head.  (nerf ball, don't worry!!)  :(  poor baby!!!  i immediately sent anthony to his room & comforted leyton.  he was fine, tho.  again, nerf ball!!  (side story - i used to be obsessed w/ getting all different colors of nerf balls, the smaller ones.  i just loved how squishy they were!)

the rest of the time, tho, was nice & both boys were mostly well-behaved.  and leyton was snuggly while we watched HSM2, so you know i loved that!  : ) 

we did have a little trouble going to bed in a decent way, tho, and leyton was still up when jen got home (albeit he was in his room, jammied, teeth brushed, etc... ).  phil called to see if i could help them out by taking vacation on wednesday to watch leyton while their sitter is on vacation.  i'm off next friday, too, but i said sure.  i'll just work super late on tuesday & thursday?  nah, it'll all be good.  or it'll be "take your nephew to work day"... either way, win win!  *laugh*  

when i got home, i went to check my mail, and then one of the gals in the neighborhood (remember maggie?) stopped me & asked if i could drive her around looking for her fiancee.  they apparently had a row about them moving into an apt w/ someone else?  idk, she wasn't giving details & i wasn't sure if i should ask!  

i was going to watch Glee before bed, but i am thinking now that i just want to go to sleep!  

have a great tomorrow, bloggy peeps!  : ) 



  1. HAPPY MID WEEK! pumpkin curry? yum! and i'm SO glad to hear about the new boss and how happy you seem to be with her :)

    and the photos of leyton always make me smile.

    bless you for taking time to help maggie... it all just proves what a WONDERFUL friend you are.


  2. : ) thanks, micaela! and yes, pumpkin curry is the bestest!! well, from exotic thai anyway. i haven't had it anywhere else...