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Friday, 13 May 2011

WINNER of the Plaid

Congratulations to Summer, aka George, aka the winner of the plaid pouch!  Hooray!!  

blogger was down yesterday, so i tried to write whatever i needed to on fb notes, but then that didn't work, either!  LOL  ah well... 

yesterday was a good day.  after work i met mom & the boys at chili's & leyton was so cute in his fireman hat!  do you think i took a picture?  sadly, no.  on my way, while i waited for bridge traffic, i pushed the blue onstar button to be entered into their giveaway (they are giving away vehicles, woot!), and also to get 6 months of onstar free.  : )  at least, that was my intention... but now i'm trying to log on to the website & they say they don't have my email on file??  so i guess i'll have to call them later to see what's going on!  

tonight after work, i picked erin up & we were going to red robin. however, erin's continuing the lenten tradition of not eating meat on fridays, so we decided to go to red lobster instead.  it was delicious!!!  :  )  our waiter was not very good, tho.  he was friendly enough, but he didn't clear our plates, didn't refill erin's coke, didn't do the check spiel (as in, telling us that he was our cashier - what if it'd been our first time there??)...plus, it took forever to get our biscuits & salads!  now, i'm sure what happened w/ the biscuits is that he was waiting for them to come out of the oven.  that's okay, i understand that.  but he should have TOLD us that was going on... idk, just didn't feel he was very attentive.  still, i left an 18% tip.  i ALMOST wrote him a note on the back of the receipt, but he wasn't rude so i wasn't really mad.  ya know?  just ... annoyed enough to not order coffee there.  so, he did lose out on some tip.  *laugh*  well, he lost about $4 actually, because erin would have tipped another $1 & my bill would have been higher, so i would have tipped more, if i'd ordered coffee or dessert.  

ah well!  it was a fun night!  after dinner we went to WM so i could get soda & TP & a gas card to fill up chloe.  except our cashier was very chatty & talking about movies (erin got one for her mom's bday) & i completely forgot to put money on my card!  d'oh!  so then i just put in a few dollars because i also forgot the bubble envelope to mail summer's pouch.  so i'll have to go back to WM tomorrow.  LOL  

the weather continues to be GOOFY!  earlier in the week, it was past 90 & sweltering.  today it was chilly!  

what else?  idk, i just need to get to bed!  tomorrow is lunch w/ some peeps.  yay!!!  can't wait!  

what've you got going on this weekend?  


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