"Nothing but heaven itself is better than a friend who is really a friend."

Friday, 20 May 2011

happy friday to you bloggy peeps!

today was a very, very nice friday!  blessings abound, thank You, Jesus!!!  : )  

work was insane.  INsane!  i'd planned to work on my error reports & vacations... well, i guess in a way i worked on error reports... LOL  there was an update the other day to the timecard system, and for some reason a few ppl were then unable to save their cards.  whoops!  so i spent about an hour & a half working that out.  but, it did get worked out (thanks, everyone who helped!) & i was able to get most of the vacations done, so hooray!  11:30 came reallllly quickly, tho!  *laugh*  

sherry picked me up & we went to quizno's for lunch.  every time i have quizno's i am reminded how much i love their chicken bacon ranch.  YUM!  and of course nice visit w/ my friend.  : )  she offered to lay the smackdown on bret for me since he is STILL not replying to me at all.  :p~~~~  

after lunch, i went to mom's & actually got to watch OLTL & GH.  oh my heck oh my heck oh my heck!!!!  roger howarth is back!  i love him!  now, i have also come to love "new" todd, so i am really hoping that the storyline has both of them... but ya know i haven't watched in so long... today was wonderful, tho!  i am inspired to make it a priority... if the computer will let me... lol 

leyton got up around 3 & we went outside to play for a bit.  other than the fact that it was windy & i kept having skirt-fly-up concerns!  LOL  

we came to my house so i could change into jeans & tennies, and then we were going to the bank & WM, but mom called & plans got moved around.  however, we ended up going to the bank & WM anyway.  LOL  first, tho, there were bubbles & jumping on the couch & catch ... and trish called so we chatted for a little bit while leyton played w/ mater & the gang.  : )  

mom was here when we got back from WM.  we brought groceries in & then went to applebee's for dinner.  there were some fun times, and the chips, spinach artichoke dip, and baked potato were delicious!  my steak, however... was underdone (like, i couldn't even cut it, it was so raw in the middle) so my waitress took it to refire.  now, i know from reading many server blogs that 'refire' is usually just code for 'slap it in the microwave til it's rubber'... *sigh*  but what else are you supposed to do when your medium-requested steak is raw in the middle?  : (  ah well, it came back pretty black, but what do you do?  at least i got some cute pictures!  LOL  

leyton stole gramma's water, even tho he didn't drink he root beer... LOL 

how was your friday?  and have you told me what you'd like to leave a comment about, for a giveaway?  books, beauty, music... waddayawant?  lol  


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