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Tuesday, 3 May 2011

more mexican, please!

so, first of all, watching renegade in marathon mode has brought up a couple thoughts - reno's kinda a man-slut.  he's kissin' on a new lady just about every episode, and has been "in love" w/ about 4 so far.  in 2 seasons!  i do have to say they did a great job w/ his mourning during season 1 - and then season 2 he fell in love again & stayed w/ her for awhile... but then all of a sudden he's falling in love every four episodes or so!  lol  it's a little annoying... but, i am very much enjoying all the surprise guest stars!  like wayne newton & emily proctor & katherine evans... : )  

cbs.com had a story about obese kids in georgia, and some ads targeting them.  well, i'm sure the intent of these ads is to combat the problem, but to me it just seems like condoning bullying and discriminating against poor ppl.  and someone mentioned a book i want to read, Nickel & Dimed, by Barbara Ehrenreich.  she went undercover to become one of the working poor... it looks like a good one, and i really must find it!  : )  

after work i ran to the bank & then met nicki at adolph's for dinner.  taco tuesday!!  YUM!  and it was great to hang out w/ nicki for a bit.  i am sad, tho, cuz i forgot to bring her birthday present!  d'oh!  ah well, just keeps my record of late birthday presents ... LOL  sorry, nicki!!!

on my way home, i stopped at the gas station for smokes & coffee... except the coffee dispensers weren't working.  i tried one, thought "oh it must be out," then tried another... and another... finally i had to ask the cashier what i was doing wrong!  turned out, nothing.  *laugh*  she'd just cleaned them all out to prepare for tomorrow.  uhhh... you're a 24 hour gas station, right?  shouldn't you have coffee 24 hours?  well, she had the capp machine still running, and gave me one of those for free.  english toffee.  mmmm!  

other than that, my brain's pretty tired, so i'll say goodnight!  tomorrow i get to hang out w/ the boys after work!  what're your plans for the middle of the week?  anything fun?  : )  



  1. LOL...every time I read about your Renegade it makes me think of one of my high school boyfriends...we watched that show at his house all the time!!

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  3. @ Brooke - i can't help it, i just love it! hopefully your memories of that HS bf are good ones! : )

    @ Travel - thank you for stopping by & following! : )