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Wednesday, 28 September 2011

this post will shock you

i am a private person.  

i know, i know - you are saying, "but carrie, you tell us everything!  how can you say that?"

well, i know i share a lot - here & in person & in letters & ... i don't believe in holding back, but i do believe in decorum, modesty, and privacy.  

i was very blessed, from a modesty pov among other reasons, to attend a christian private school, and my dorm at college had private showers.  i never had to go thru the "must shower after gym" thing, or "must change in front of ppl" thing.  even in elementary, when we would go swimming, in the locker room i would change in a bathroom stall.  i've never been brainwashed to think it's "normal" for groups of ppl to dress/undress together.  

now, i'm not judging ppl who DO think it's normal.  if it never bothered you, changing in front of a group of ppl, then hooray for you!  if you went to a school where gym was mandatory & showering after gym was mandatory & it was a big group shower - and it never bothered you - then great for you!  but if it DID bother you, and you were bullied/forced/cajoled/convinced that this was just the way it was & you had to do it or not make waves, even tho you were uncomfortable, until one day it either didn't bother you or you didn't think about it anymore - that's what i'm calling brainwashing.  

it's my opinion that our society doesn't take modesty seriously but then wonders why there are so many sexual predators or abusers or whatnot.  it's not that having to shower w/ your teammates makes you into a predator.  if that were the case, NO ONE would be safe!  it's that the idea of "you're all boys/girls and don't have anything new to each other" that strips away a child's privacy.  it's the idea of - well, if i can show off my body in the locker room, why can't i wear this revealing halloween costume, or outfit to school?  never mind that you're 12, you've been showering and changing in front of ppl your whole life.

this attitude can continue to spill over into other areas of ppl's lives... 

anyway, wow that was a tangent of sorts!  lol  what started all of this thought process was my neighbors have the windows open & were watching a movie & i was thinking how i don't like to open my windows because i don't want to disturb ppl w/ whatever i'm watching/don't want ppl listening in on my phone calls/etc etc.   and then i thought of privacy, and that led to modesty, and that led to ... this post.


so.  how was YOUR day?  i'm so grateful that i'll have money tomorrow!  not only for my cravings and groceries - seriously need milk & bread & stuff! - but because i will finally, FINALLY, be able to get leyton a toy at the pavilion on saturday!  the past couple times we've gone, i haven't been able to get him a toy.  and it's not that i think he needs a toy every time he's w/ me or anything like that.  just the opposite - i don't want to encourage a relationship where he only wants to hang out w/ me because he gets a toy!  ya know?  i just want to be able to get him things when i want to get him things, and it's been awhile since that's happened.

so, praise the Lord, praise the Lord!  

this morning leyton got up at 5:30 but didn't want to get up yet - which was good since i didn't have to be up for at least 40 minutes! - and so he snuggled w/ me for a bit.  snuggles are the best!  i just want to protect him from anything and everything that would ever hurt him, or make him sad, or make him doubt his love for the Lord.  his heart is so pure and his knowledge of God & what He's done is so true and sure.  i hate to think of someone taking that away from him.  i pray for him - and for you, dear readers - every night.  

i should go to bed.  it's not even 11:30 yet, so my goal of in bed before midnight should be accomplished!  tonight i got to chat w/ april, talked to mom some - did not go over to watch survivor so i'll have to watch that later, watched a couple new shows - revenge & terra nova.  i like 'em!  here's hoping a lot of other ppl did, too, so they'll stick around!  i hate picking up a new show, really enjoying it, and then having it randomly disappear until i've forgotten about it & they've cancelled it & i never find out what happened (i'm looking at YOU, The Event!  *raspberry*)!!  oh, i also watched the premier of glee tonight.  the music selection was AWESOME!  but i'm getting really, insanely, sick of everyone still being down on the glee clubbers and sue being so awful.  ryan, come on!  can't you come up w/ dramatic ideas that don't fall back on those crutches?? seriously.

and i think that's all i've got for tonight.  do share your stories!  i miss comments.  not that comments have anything to do w/ my blogging, but i just miss hearing from my friends.  *laugh*  likely everyone has run away from my nonsensical posting on a daily basis & just comes by when there are cute pictures of leyton... 

ah well, have a good night & ttfn!!  : )  i'll add my favorite picture of officer leyton from last weekend, just for kicks.  ; )  

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