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Sunday, 11 September 2011

here we are, 10 years later

and i have nothing, really, to say about it.  before terrorists took the day over, it was my aunt jan's birthday.  so, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, AUNTIE JAN!  : )  hopefully she had a good day!  

i've talked before about where i was, my memories of that day.  today, i think Bitchy Waiter really said everything i was feeling, especially the part about what we should remember on this day.  take a look... 

i watched Portraits of 9/11, which was very good.

otherwise, i spent the day w/ an LXD marathon.  i had seen it advertised before, and i thought it was something like LXG (League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, a sean connery movie i really like but didn't get very good reviews).  anyway, it's the Legion of Extraordinary Dancers, and it is AWESOME.  harry shum jr (mike chang on glee) is the choreographer, all the stunts & dancing are real - no special effects there, and all the locations are real, also.  seriously, if you like super hero/dance/martial art/sci fi, i encourage you to check it out on hulu.  other than the 2 hour break for the 9/11 show, i have been watching LXD all day & have not gotten tired of it!  each episode is only 10-15 minutes or so, so it moves quickly!  and i'm also kinda crushing on harry - i mean, the choreography is SMOKIN HOT!  : ) 

i'm going to try to get to bed early tonight, tho.  the cold or whatever that's been knocking at my door the past week seems to have roosted.  my nose is all stuffy (off & on), my throat's scratchy & i keep sneezing!  yeesh!  

hope your sunday went well.  take care & take charge!  or something like that.  : )  



  1. I liked Bitchy Waiter's post today as well. I left you a blog award over at my post today... go check it out!