"Nothing but heaven itself is better than a friend who is really a friend."

Saturday, 3 September 2011

loved today!

'twas a BLESSED day!  : )  please forgive the lack of sharp photos - my camera battery was nearly dead, and i'm happy to have been able to take any pictures at all!  

the pow wow was not to be, however.  the weather was kinda like this:

thankfully the skies did not open up until after lunch.  i picked leyton up & we - at his request - went to JDHQ.  on our way there we saw a plane descending to the airport, so we drove by to watch it taxi after landing.  : )  i didn't know if the display floor had stuff he could climb on or not, but turns out you can pretty much play on EVERYTHING there!  woot!!  we had a blast!

his favorite thing to play on, both at HQ & at the Pavilion, is the Gator.  we play cops in the Gators.  a lot!  

we stayed at HQ for an hour or so, and when we left we saw a real life deer!  pretty exciting!  we went to subway for lunch & when we were done it was pouring buckets!  leyton didn't really want to go outside & get soaked, but we managed to make a game of it.  : )  we waited under the awning for a bit & then came up w/ a plan to get into the car quickly - we held hands & sprinted to the car, scurrying in & only getting a little wet... LOL  

then we headed to the Pavilion, and PTL (that's praise the Lord!) we found a CLOSE parking spot and also the rain subsided long enough for us to make it into the building!  : )  we had lots of fun on more equipment, including, of course, the Gator!  

leyton made friends w/ the cleaning lady as we watched a train pass by the building.  he also made friends w/ a 9 year old boy visiting w/ his family.  the boy's dad builds tractors & they were visiting from somewhere 4 hours away.  he had a 13 year old brother who seemed to have the same attitude as anthony.  LOL  but until he came over to drag his brother away, we all were having fun!  meanwhile, outside it was pouring buckets again.  saw some gorgeous lightning, as well!  : )  

when the rain subsided, we walked next door & played at the JD Store for a little while before picking out a toy (a forestry vehicle this time) & heading to gramma's for dinner & movies.  and some guitar.  : )  

i made mac & cheese for me & anthony, and leyton had a balogna sandwich & salad, and some gogurt.  we watched Peter Pan (thanks, Marianne, it really is a cute movie!  altho the story is still not my favorite.  i just don't like that he chooses not to grow up rather than follow his heart to true love.  *laugh*  but it's good that the story still has a happy ending...) and Soul Surfer (excellent!!).  altho i missed the end, so i brought it home w/ me to finish.  i went to the loo while leyton was getting ready for bed, and i laid down w/ him for a little bit. then he didn't want me to leave, so i stayed til he fell asleep.  i may have also napped for a bit.  *laugh*  : ) 

i had so much fun, and he did, too!  such fabulous blessings!  

what'd you get up to today?


oh yeah, and some postcards from germany, louisiana & poland !  : ) 


  1. Big would *so* be in heaven at the JDHQ. Fun!

  2. i'm very grateful to live close enough to visit HQ & the Pavilion regularly!! : )