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Friday, 9 September 2011

another day of tractors & dozers & GATORS, oh my!

today was fantabulous because my 4 hours at work went super fast (meeting in the middle of a 4 hour shift will do that, eh?) & was actually PRODUCTIVE (got some photos updated, helped some ppl w/ timecards & vacations, confirmed some claims, oh yeah!).  : )  we had leftovers from yesterday's cookout in the fridge, so i grabbed a hot dog, popped it in the microwave for 30 seconds & voila, free lunch!

i came home for an hour or so, watched an episode of rookie blue, and then headed to shelly's to pick up my leytonbug!  : ) 

SO MUCH FUN!!!  he wanted to start out at JDHQ, so we did.  there was a new, camo gator for him to explore.

he made a new friend, dwight, as well.  for some reason, today leyton wanted to know how much everything was & how fast it could go.  *laugh*  dwight was very nice & knowledgeable & we sure did appreciate him!  

i was surprised by how much leyton actually knows about combines.  it was really neat to hear him talking about it, and the other equipment.  

after about an hour or so, we headed over to the pavilion.  there was a group setting up tables upstairs from the display floor at HQ, so leyton wanted to know what that was about.  turns out it was for ppl to pick up registration packets for a 5k they're doing.  cool beans!  AND i actually saw someone i know, and we happened to be parked right next to her.  *laugh*  she & leyton had a nice little conversation, it was really cute.  : )  

then, the pavilion, where we mostly sat in the gator there & played firemen, ambulance and cops.  he did explore a few of the tractors & construction equipment, but mostly it was all about the gator.  : )  

 this is one of my favorite pieces.  and the nice docent (is that what they're called?  the pavilion is sorta like a museum...) showed leyton how to turn the seat around, woot!  

we stopped in the store for a few minutes to play at their tables.  and then found a tree to play with on our way to the car... 

and then it was time for dinner.  i wanted culver's but he decided on BK, so we went there.  whoppers are good.  : ) (and if i don't eat the bun, i get to have FRIES, woot!)  when we were done eating, leyton asked for ice cream & they have a cup for $1, so i said sure.  my plan was to share it - he doesn't really eat a lot of ice cream because it's too cold for him.  however, he decided he wanted to use some ... interesting... toppings, so i got myself a strawberry sundae instead of sharing.  LOL  

yes, he is putting ketchup and bbq sauce and leftover caramel sauce from the apple fries on his ice cream. 

i tried to have him TASTE it first so that he'd discover it wasn't such a good idea.  however, when he did that, he said he really liked it, so ... there ya go.

it doesn't really look like he liked it, does it?  

so, as expected, not a lot of the ice cream was actually eaten. ah well, it was only $1, and he had a lot of fun!  : )  

now i'm off to watch the season finale of rookie blue, and maybe some more simon & simon.  last night i stumbled across an episode & had a whole nice FB convo w/ my friend jana about it - and other iconic shows of the 80's.  it's official - my favorite shows involve cops/detectives, PI's, and lawyers - or any random assortment of those types of ppl.  i'm still looking for my canadian police detective to sweep me off my feet... ; )  

hoping to get to bed by 11:30 again, since i have to be up by 6:30-ish for ADVENTURELAND.  

what've you guys got planned for this weekend?  on sunday there's a group of skateboarders on a barge somewhere that i'd like to go see, but i might be too exhausted to leave the house.  heh!  



  1. I love Culver's! I'm glad I don't live near one or I would be eating there all the time!

  2. LOL funny you should say that - i have one right down the street, but have toned my visits WAY down in the past year. sometimes i can't resist the fries, tho! : )

  3. love the photos and the sundae is hilarious....you are a great auntie! he will remember that forever!

  4. Leyton is such a cuuutie!!! :) It must have been SO adorable hearing him talk about the combines :) I remember when we were kids and we'd love to mix our drinks together (coke with sprite and a little fanta etc), but the thought of ice cream with ketchup (well I don't even like ketchup period) and BBQ sauce and caramal in ice cream does not sound appetizing - and I guess Leyton agrees :) You're such a fun aunt Carrie :) xo

  5. thanks, ladies!! : ) and yeah, i do not think he'll be trying ketchup ice cream again any time soon...