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Friday, 23 September 2011

finally friday and happy i am!

it has been a long and exhausting week - and altho my weekend will once again be busy, i at least get to sleep in this weekend!  : )  

first, some photos from last night, when leyton & i played with the plastic food bin, before heading to the mailbox to get my new license plate sticker & junk mail.

: ) 

today wasn't too bad, altho i didn't get up in time to fix leyton breakfast.  that was disappointing, because we sorta have a routine when he spends the night & i fix him scrambled eggs & sausage & a waffle!  and sometimes 1/2 a thing of jell-o.  *laugh*  

i picked up coffee along the way & yum.  : )  today's liquid intake - 2 coffees, 2 waters, 1 diet pepsi, 1 tea.  and there may have been milk in there somewhere... 

definitely needed the coffee today, tho!  goodness but i wanted a nap around 11 & 1!  no, i guess my afternoon nap craving didn't start til closer to 2... anyway, despite my feeling of nap-time, a lot was accomplished today, so that's a thumbs up right there!

i left fairly close to on time (8 1/2 hours or so) and then felt guilty for leaving close to on time!  and slightly guilty for taking 1/2 day of vacation on monday... but know i get to sleep in gets rid of any guilt pretty quickly!  *laugh*  the thing is - my workload has been insane for nearly a year, and i don't see any signs that it's going to change soon.  as a matter of fact, it potentially is going to get more insane because they've been talking about adding a mailbox to my duties.  i already run two (mine & one other) on top of everything else!  now, just so you can read this w/ the tone i'm intending - i'm not upset about the possibility.  i think running the proposed mailbox will fit nicely in with what i do, and it will also help out the current person who handles it.  HOWEVER.  i had to pare down at least 2 10-hour days to mostly 9 hour days, and adding more work does not seem conducive to my being able to pare those down to 8 hour days.  w/o the guilt (cuz oh goodness, i feel so bad when i leave after "only" 8 hours!  but some days i'm just exhausted!  or i have plans at 5, or i need to get to the bank!  heh!)... so, we shall see how that shakes out...and when... 


after work, i went to marshall's to look around & pick up the last piece of sparkle swap.  gotta mail it tomorrow!  i hope she likes everything...

i love marshall's & tj maxx!  seriously, i have the best time in there.  did you know that there is PINK salt?  supposedly, that's what color salt is normally & it doesn't have additives?  i must google to find out!  *laugh*  well, whaddayaknow?  it's used as a table salt AND a bath scrub.  nice!  i'll have to go back & get some (there was a little container for $1, but i was wary of it) to try!  will it taste differently than iodinized salt?  we shall see, my friends.  we shall see.  :  )  

okay, i tried to watch GH from thursday - because erin called me THREE times & left me THREE messages saying i must must MUST watch thursday's & likely today's GH so we can discuss next week.  *laugh*  well, i tried!  my computer was having a tizzy, and now it's better, but i'm going to bed.  so hopefully tomorrow it will like me enough to let me finish the show.  

most of the day tomorrow is booked, tho.  *laugh*  gotta get to the PO, then mom & leyton are picking me up & we're going to see about fixing his motorbike thingy, play at the family museum & then ... BALLOON FESTIVAL!  hooray!!!!  : )  

i saw 3 balloons this morning.  do you think i got a picutre?  nope.  but please enjoy this lovely sky from yesterday & today.  : )  


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