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Sunday, 25 September 2011

soccer! (or futball as EVERYONE ELSE calls it) : )

what an awesome, wonderful time.  wasn't sure it was going to happen for a bit there - it rained this morning & i thought i would once again NOT get to see the soccer game.  happily, by noon the rain was gone & the sun was out.  the sun went back into hiding, but the rain stayed away, too, so the games were ON!  

it was a beautiful afternoon, even overcast, windy & cold (to me, that's gorgeous!).  i wore sweats & was quite comfy!  : )  

leyton took awhile to get warmed up to the soccer thing.  i think baseball is definitely more his sport.  but he ran & ran & kicked & ran & had lots of fun.  and we had lots of fun watching!  jen was playing co-coach, and phil, mom, tiny & shelly & i were the spectators - along w/ all the other families, of course!  

the kids all looked to be enjoying themselves.

leyton got to be goalie for the last quarter, and most of his time was spent being sociable.

but there were some opportunities for action!

all in all, a lovely time.  : )  

today i also baked an apple pie of sorts, made pasta for dinner, watched a bunch of hulu - GH (jason & sam's wedding, AWESOME!), AMC (finale - DISAPPOINTING), Burn Notice & Suits (2 eps of BN = 2 Pretender alums; 1 ep of Suits = 1 Pretender alum.  it was cool!), and got caught up on 3 eps of LXD.  woot!  so amaaaaazing!  every time i watch this show, i am just blown away by these ppl's talent.  love it!! 

tomorrow i happily get to sleep in, then should go to the PO & make sure i can mail out my sparkle gift.  then off to work for a few hours.  and i have no plans for tomorrow night, so i should be able to catch up on OLTL, i hope.  : )  

what'd you get up to today?


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