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Monday, 5 September 2011

busy labor day

well, so much for my day of rest!  *laugh*  it was a FUN day, but not terribly restful.  i did get to sleep in til about 9:30 or 10, tho.  :)  got caught up w/ last week's GH & some blogs.  

mom picked me up at noon & we went to the nova to see Monte Carlo.  SUPER CUTE MOVIE!  i think it will have to become part of my teen/young adult rom com collection.  love!  they were doing a double-feature, so if you bought a ticket for MC, you could see Judy Moody & the Not Bummer Summer for free.  we stayed - even tho neither of us really wanted to see that one.  but hey, it was free!  we left after about 1/2 an hour.  it was BAAAAD.  as enjoyable as MC was, that is how painful JM was!  

before we left, i got the phone number for the group that owns the property from the ppl working there.  this theatre has been around since i was in HS.  it's always been the cheap theatre.  but it's only in recent years that it's really begun to LOOK cheap.  :(  it's terribly disappointing!  the staff keeps it neat & looking as nice as they can, but the hallway is DARK, the individual theatres don't have any lighting in them when the movie starts - a very nice person used their cell phone to light the way to empty seats for us!  and then there's the bathroom... there are four sinks.  of those four sinks, only ONE worked, and that one didn't work very well.  seriously?  ugh.  as mom pointed out, at least the toilets work - except i think there are some stalls that were closed for one reason or another... 

so i'll call the number tomorrow & see if it's an answering service or the actual management company... 

after we left, we headed to sam's so mom could get some groceries.  i'd hoped there would be some free samples out, but the only ones were grapes.  *sigh*  so i got a piece of pizza & mom got a pretzel on our way out.  they were pretty good!  

i had a couple hours at home, and then i headed over to christina & tony's to hang out w/ them & georgette, kurt & jon.  it was such a great night!!!  gette & her fam live a couple hours away now, and tony & christina are moving back to texas at the end of the week.  i will miss them!  their apt is just down the road from me right now, and  yet for some reason i headed in the wrong direction & it took me 1/2 an hour to get there instead of 10 minutes!  LOL  yes, i've lived in this town all my life... ANYWAY, i finally got there, just in time for gette, kurt & jon to get there, too.  we all piled into tony's truck & went to el rancherita for dinner.  SO YUMMY!  : )  great visiting, too.  lots of laughter.  LOTS!  : )  

after dinner, we went back to christina's to hang out for a few hours.  more visiting.  beer & wine - altho i felt bad because i couldn't finish my beer.  i overestimated how much i could drink w/ my meds, i guess.  it got finished off somewhere along the lines, tho, so i don't think it was wasted.  LOL  gette & i took some food off their hands so they wouldn't have to throw it out or move it.  : )  i have a new stash of vienna sausages, YUM!  and there were pictures, but i'll have to share them when gette sends them to me.  i hadn't charged my camera battery (dumb) so i didn't have it w/ me.  grrr!  thankfully, kurt had a camera in the car!  : )  

tomorrow it's back to work, so i should get to sleep.  how was your labor day?  did you have a cookout?  i hear ppl do that for labor day... we'll have a big family thing next month, that's our get together!  : )  


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