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Tuesday, 13 September 2011

gin & tonic

i haven't had one in forever, and i miss them.  w/ a twist, of course.  : )  

anyway, today was busy but LONG.  had nearly 100 vacations to process since i was gone friday afternoon & then didn't have time yesterday.  whew!  i got to have quick chats w/ some friends, and see a couple ppl i hadn't seen in awhile, so that was nice.  AND there was plenty to keep my mind engaged, even when i was working on photos.  LOL 

jen texted me, asking if i would watch the boys tonight.  after last week, i reminded her that i wouldn't watch them at the house, but could pick leyton up if needed.  she said that anthony had written an apology letter & that he would behave.  so i agreed to give him another chance.

he did indeed write an apology letter - he had to write one to phil as well, i guess! - & he was very good tonight.  he even played outside w/ us!!  

it was very, very nice to spend some time w/ him in a good mood.  

about 1/2 way thru AGT, he decided to go upstairs & watch a different show, and that was okay.  leyton & i watched & rooted for Illuminate.  then leyton decided he needed to be a guitar hero & play sweet home alabama a few times... : ) 

even tho i was tired, not feeling well, and a little wary after last week, it was a good night.  even got some snuggle time in w/ leyton - AND he deigned to take a bath AND let me wash his hair w/o a fuss!  praise the LORD!  

tomorrow night i am planning to go to mom's after work to watch the survivor premier & the finale of BB.  i'm rooting for rachel!!  : )  she has played a really good game - after brendan left the second time, of course.  before that, she was whiny, clingy, annoying... 

*laugh*  anyway, i have gotta get to sleep!  hope your week is going well... : )  ttfn!!

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