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Thursday, 29 September 2011

party planning

it's on my mind.  my birthday party - i think i've decided on biaggi's for lunch.  and i want to have a cleaning/wall hanging/unpacking party in december, if i can get any takers.  LOL  

in october, daddy will have been gone for five years.  SAD.

in november, i will be 35.  weird.  

in february, i will have been in my house for five years.  and my walls are not decorated, i have boxes that haven't been unpacked, my library is still an uninhabitable mess, and i have stuff... EVERYWHERE.  i have tried at various times to get things organized, but then stuff just keeps accumulating w/ nowhere to go.  it's getting a little depressing.  i have pictures that i want to put on my walls, but am afraid to hammer nails in.  idk why i'm afraid to hammer nails in... it's MY house.  i can paint the walls the color of grass if i wanna.  lol  

anyway...  i am trying really hard to do everything i can not to think about how sad i am and how much i miss my dad.  it's not working, really.  i mean, it's weird.  it's like - i think about HIM every day, but i don't think about missing him every day.  yet i feel like it's there just underneath the surface even when i'm not thinking about it.  and then i'm thinking about why i'm not thinking about it, or if i'm really not thinking about it.  round & round & rouuuuuuunnnnnnndddddd.


so!  i'm distracting my mind w/ party plans.  i ordered pictures the other day which i'm going to use as invitations.  thanks to my wall-mate today i've decided on biaggi's for lunch.  twilight is the movie.  : ) 

but first i gotta make it thru october w/ a smile!  


entertainment schedule for the evening: 
2 awesome episodes of the lying game
playboy club

: ) 


  1. I know why you're afraid to put holes in the walls-- it's because you're afraid you're not hanging the pictures in the right place/at the right height, etc.. It always helps me to have a second opinion (and someone to stand back and tell me how something looks as I hold it against a wall, before I make any holes that I might have to patch because they were wrong), so I think having your party in December sounds like a great idea.

  2. Thank you, Your Majesty! i think you're onto something there. : ) now i just need to get ppl to be excited about coming to a cleaning/unpacking/wall hanging party... what can i use as incentive??