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Saturday, 17 September 2011

cop out

spent the day w/ leyton.  : )  we played outside a bit & then went shopping.  did you know that bath & body works has discontinues cucumber melon??  :(  i'd better stock up on sweet pea stuff - it might be next!  eep!

 he came running over & gave me this look, after telling me to take his picture!  
he looks a little like becca's son, nate, which i find interesting!  

 he wanted to help gramma w/ the lawn mower before we left for the mall.  
: ) 

 love this stance!  he does it a lot!  

 two photos by leyton  : )  

i love mom's smile in this picture - i just wish leyton had smiled!
he is the one who ran over & told me to take a picture of him snuggling w/ gramma!
from the looks of the picture, you'd think he hated to have it taken or something.
ahh, kids.  : )  

watched ringer & read some vampire diaries stuff.

read some TV Guide while at mom's.  saw a great picture of my husband, and michael weatherly who is adorable!  : )

now, time to sleep!  ttfn!  how was your saturday??

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