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Tuesday, 20 September 2011


today was another busy day of phone calls, IM's & emails.  mostly timecard stuff.  it was a good day, tho!

jen texted this afternoon to say her game was cancelled, so no babysitting for me.  this worked out alright because i wasn't feeling that well & wanted to get some postcards written as well.  which i did, when i got home.  : )  the man candy peeps featuring josh duhamel made me really want to watch Life As We Know It, so i did.  love love!  then i watched the sing off & wrote some postcards out.

but then... then i was distracted by roller coasters - pictures of abandoned amusement parks from around the world.  which got me thinking - why are they abandoned?  i mean, i understand when there's a natural disaster or something - amusement parks were not louisiana's top priority after the hurricanes!  but i don't understand in other places where they just ... closed... why aren't the rides torn down or sold or something?  if anyone knows, please share!!  

from that distraction came a blog all about amusement parks and so i spent some time reading that... : )  but now i really have to SLEEP!  it's dark when i get up now.  :(  that makes it 10 x worse, getting up in the morning!  OH!  and today we had a boil order at work, so i didn't think there would even be COFFEE.  :|  but they nicely brought some in for us, so that was cool!  

hope you're keeping distractions manageable!  ; )  


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