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Thursday, 8 September 2011

oh ...

mmmm.  i wish i had what it takes to be on big brother!  oh my goodness, i just think it would be so much fun!  but there's no way i could be gone from work for 3 months.  of course, i could plan it out & take 3 weeks of vacation all at once, and just get voted out 2nd.  hmmm.  (no one WANTS to get voted out first of course!)  i mean, i don't need to win, i just wanna be IN the house for a bit.  i wanna win the first HOH & have a kick-butt nomination speech... and then get back to real life & watch all my new friends on the TV every week.  : )  ooh!  and you know how i'd do nominations if i won the first HOH?  houseguest vote, like they did in season 1!  unless someone REALLY rubbed me the wrong way in the first week, of course! LOL 

i'd hoped to be watching w/ mom, or april, or nicki, or someone!  lol  ah well.  the ppl in the chat room keep me company, except they are all mean about jordan, and i love jordan!  

anywhoo... i wrote this earlier, but then my post went in a different direction...

Hola!  Como estas?  Today I got some lovely Spanish lessons from a nice lady in Mexico.  We were emailing back & forth about a photo for our online directory, and she thanked me for my help.  I emailed back “de nada” which idk if that is still “in fashion” as the way to say *you're welcome* or if that’s just from 1993 spanish class!  LOL  But she IM’d me & we had a mini-Spanish convo.  I really enjoyed it!  and I kept the convo so I can maybe actually LEARN the new words/phrases.  I would really love to be able to read more espanol!  J 

i get really nervous speaking spanish to native speakers, tho.  i don't want to offend them w/ my ignorance.  this gal, tho, was really sweet & seemed to "get" that i wanted to learn, ya know?  and then she called me, tho, and i was nervous all over again!  if i don't think about it, my pronunciation is pretty good.  but as soon as i think about it, my southern accent comes out & it sounds weird!!  

We had a cookout for lunch – brats, burgers, mmmmm!  I love autumn!  Next week when I get groceries, I need to check & see if Carnation’s Pumpkin Spice coffee creamer has been put out yet.  I can bring it to work & make my own pumpkin spice lattes… I love Starbuck’s, but I gotta SAVE SAVE SAVE if I want to have a shot at my birthday plans!  J 

 mmmm now i want starbucks.  LOL  thank God for free coffee at work.  i've been drinking a lot of it, trying to stave off the urge to spend $5 at the bucks or the panera (good coffee there, too!).  

what else?  excited to hang out w/ leyton tomorrow & sarah & andrew on saturday!  : )  tomorrow i have a meeting in the morning & then only like an hour or two to get some work done before heading out.  i'll have a couple hours to watch something, i think, and then leyton time!  : )  speaking of, here's a cute picture from tuesday... 

: ) 

i got my century link bill today & despite all mary's wonderful help - billing messed up, and has my modem as leased.  :|   i sent them all a note & hopefully we'll get it straightened out w/o any fuss!  everything else on the bill looked beautiful, tho!  : )  

also in the mail today, two lovely postcards, from belgium & the netherlands.  hooray!!  

after bb, i'm going to watch AGT & then try to get to bed by 11:30.  at least, i hope... my screen has been acting up!  oye.  *laugh*

hope your thursday went well & that your friday is AWESOME!  :)  


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