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Thursday, 15 September 2011


i got to have a fiesta w/ my dear friend anna peach tonight!  : )  the original party of five were scheduled to dine at the new osaka buffet, but once it was pared down to just the two of us, we decided we'd rather have mexican.  : )  it was A) awesome B) YUMMY and C) the right price!  LOL 

today felt like a friday.  

after dinner, i went to WM & spent the monies.  i am wellll stocked for the next two weeks, if all goes well!  *laugh*  along with groceries, i also bought Up, because i hadn't seen it yet & was pretty sure it'd be a repeat watch.  i was totally right there!  : )  i watched it when i got home and it is sooooo sweet and cute and well done and deserves all the kudos it's been given!!  

"can we keep him?"
"but ... it's a talking dog!'


one thing, tho -  i was disappointed in the lack of "special features."  where's the making of featurette?  where's the behind the scenes stuff?  the interviews w/ the voice cast?  Over The Hedge has way better special features.  just sayin'.  speaking of OTH - i did not like that movie at all the first time i saw it.  i thought it was too long and, frankly, quite boring.  however, then i watched it again about a year after the first time & found it HILARIOUS!  now it's one of my favorite movies.

nutty how those things happen, eh?

now, time for sleep once again!  gotta write out some bills first so i can mail them tomorrow.  hope your thursday went well & that we all have a blessed and FABOO FRIDAY!  : )  


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