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Monday, 19 September 2011

Man Candy Monday - Super Hero Edition

so - i'm not sure if man candy monday has any rules about the man candy, but i think we know each other well enough by this post that you understand my deep and abiding love for this particular super hero.  

that's right, it's Batman!  

i fell in love with batman, and his alter ego bruce wayne, many many years ago.  

so long ago, in fact, that i cannot even pinpoint my "AHA!" moment.  i enjoyed watching adam west's portrayal.  i didn't have a crush on him at that time, so much as i just thought his utility belt was really neat, and i loved the bright colors of that show!  and the sound effects, oooh!  

then michael keaton donned the rubber suit, and my madlove for the bat was born.  

after this movie came out, i was pretty well obsessed.  and then i discovered Batman The Animated Series and Batman Beyond.  Ohhh, cartoon batman, as voiced by kevin conroy!  he could make me swoon with that voice!  : )  (and as a side note - mark hamill's joker paired with arline sorkin's harley quinn were the best cartoon villains EVER.  hilarious and creepy at the same time!)

there have been subsequent batman movies, with many different (and tasty) actors portraying the caped crusader.  i love each of them in different ways.  some were better at bruce than bat, but it doesn't shake my love at all.  i still own all the movies and watch them over & over again!  val kilmer, george clooney, christian bale....you all have done my hero justice, in your own ways.  thank you!  

one more thing to note - there was (is?) a ride at six flags theme parks inspired by my bat.  it remains one of my all time favorite coasters - it was the first time my feet were free in a coaster, and also one of the first theme lines i remember.  the set decorators did an amazing, amazing job there!  

what do you think?  can my favorite hero of all time be considered man candy?  : )  


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