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Wednesday, 7 September 2011


hi hi bloggy peeps!  how'd your hump day go?  

i had some meetings & things, which went really well.  yay!  meetings are funny.  when they're necessary, i don't mind the tizzy they send my day into.  today's were quite necessary, but one wasn't long enough for accomplishing much and the other went 1/2 an hour over & accomplished quite a lot!  but the rest of my day was definitely nutty!  lol  i usually schedule my calendar about a week in advance, planning out what i need to work on & such.  then, each day, it is constantly changing.  i'm pretty good about knowing how long things will take, except when unexpected things pop up!  heh.  then it's sort of a free for all for a little bit til i get things ship shape again!  

i'm so thankful that i love what i do, tho!  it makes it all okay, being happy w/ what you do, ya know?

anywhoo!  tangents... my usual.  : )  

after work, i had to stop by the bank, then meet my friend michelle for dinner at a little italian restaurant by the mall.  it was yummy!  altho the dish i ordered wasn't quite what i was expecting... and of course too short a visit w/ michelle!  hopefully we'll be able to get together next month for more visiting.  

i was going to stop at mom's to watch BB, but dinner ran long so i just came home.  thankfully the live feed was still up, so mom & i still got to discuss what was happening on the show!  heh!  then i watched some rizzoli & isles, and state of georgia (so cute!).  read some blogs, put my name in the hat for a sparkle swap (check it out, you know you want to), caught up w/ some peeps... all in all good times!

now i must sleeeeeep, i think.  tomorrow i need to get up a little earlier so i can fuel up chloe before work.  after work, i'm going to try to see christina & tony before they move on out to texas.  then friday i'm taking a 1/2 day & gonna hang out w/ leyton.  : )  saturday i'm going to adventureland w/ juli & the kids.  sunday i will hopefully be able to cram a whole buncha sleep in (as i'll be getting up eeeeaaaarrrrllly saturday)!  : )  

i hope your day has been blessed!  


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