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Friday, 2 September 2011

finally friday again! : )

what a day!  i spent the majority of my day working a 10 page report - and only getting thru page 1!  LOL  and SIXTEEN phone calls!  idk if that sounds like a lot on its own or not, but as you may or may not know, my average phone call intake/outbound is about 5.  so, yeah... 

at lunch, brenda told us about her husband's latest assignment - he works for the power company or grid ppl... or ... erm... idk what exactly he does, but when natural disasters knock out power, he goes there & works w/ the crews to restore it!  right now he's in jersey.  he was in a different part, but was just called in to the coast, to a town that is still w/o power & the mayor called the grid president (again, idk titles!) & demanded that someone get out there NOW.  matt told brenda he could be out there a month.  WOW!  

my uncle mike is out that way helping ppl in a different way, rebuilding, helping wherever he can, playing music & helping morale.  : )  

bret called me tonight & we chatted for awhile.  he's looking into going into the ministry.  

mom called to let me know that anthony is spending the night at a friend's so it'll just be me & leyton.  idk what the weather's supposed to be like, but perhaps a pow wow is in my future after all!  

got to say hi to blake today.  he's growing up fast!  all my b's ... 4/5 of them are all... adults now!  and blake is a JUNIOR in HIGH SCHOOL.  oh, time, you move too fast sometimes.  

i love my family!


i had pumpkin curry for dinner.  it made me sick.  :(  i think the chef used WAY too much curry.  like the time i went w/ aunt jan & had to send it back because it was too spicy.  except this time it didn't TASTE too spicy, but the way my tummy reacted... *cry*  i tossed the leftovers, sadly.  and i guess i won't be trying the pumpkin curry from the davenport restaurant again any time soon.  saddened!  

what made me feel better?  well, aside from the obvious answers of prayer & erm... 

but also - bb season 1, royal pains, and NEAL.  : )  that would be white collar, in case i haven't talked about it ever here.  LOL  i think the 2nd episode i was going to watch will have to wait, tho, because i am ready to SLEEP!  and, Lord willing, i'll get more than 5 hours of sleep.  that's all i've gotten this week, and i think it caught up to me by yesterday!  

i hope your fridays went well!  what've you got planned for the weekend?  do you get a long one?


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