"Nothing but heaven itself is better than a friend who is really a friend."

Thursday, 22 September 2011

i'm too lame for a title right now.  it's nearly midnight & i have to go to bed.  

leyton spent the night & we had fun playing down by the mailboxes & looking at/talking about the "destruction/construction" going on.  : )  we played w/ plastic food & i made myself some dinner & leyton ate some snacks (he'd already had dinner - his snacks were a dill pickle, milk, a mini twix...and a glass of milk!  lol). later we had popcorn & watched thomas, and i chatted w/ april for longer than we've been able to chat in a long time.  and that was AFTER an email chat this afternoon!  love it!!  these things definitely made today a perk-filled day!  : )  

and tomorrow is FRIDAY!  PTL!  PTL!  PTL!!!  

ttfn - there will be a couple cute pictures posted later.  for now, the zzzz's are calling my name!  thank you for you prayers & comments & thoughts & mental *HUGS*.  they mean so much to me!  the Lord has blessed me w/ amazing family & friends, and i appreciate you all.  love!! 

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