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Monday, 26 September 2011

show schedule

more of a list than a schedule, really... 

Warehouse 13
the Protector
Burn Notice
White Collar (i know it's over but not for me! LOL)
Glee (if i ever get to watch it on hulu)
Royal Pains 
Psych (whenever it comes back)
Pan Am 
Playboy Club (these two are new, and i wasn't gonna watch new shows, but i liked the premiers!)
The Good Wife
Blue Bloods
CSI: Miami
maybe CSI cuz ted danson's on it now  : )  
The Lying Game
and then there are the shows ppl keep telling me to watch which i haven't yet
Hawaii 5-0
oh, and then there are the shows i want to watch but never seem to work out
Vampire Diaries (which i LOVE season 1 & the 1/2 of season 2 i saw)
Secret Circle 
and the shows that i'm forgetting because there are just too many!  LOL  

it's nice not to be held to any kind of schedule, tho.  tonight i watched pan am and then had a warehouse 13 mini-marathon of 3 episodes.  you know i enjoy my marathons!  : )  

today was good, i must say.  i was blessed by morning vacation, and a productive day at work.  the rain was a bit much, but i didn't have an incident like that one day, so that was a plus!  my wall-mate & i had an adventure after our smoke break, in that there was a leak by one of the doors & we had to take care of it.  happily our maintenance guy was still around & when we went to ask for a mop, he said he would take care of it.  so hooray for that!  i got to chat w/ april for a bit tonight which made me happy happy!  

so, how was your day??  i must get to bed pretty quickly if i want to keep my "bed before midnight" goal!  and i don't get a pass on getting up tomorrow.  6:30 & still dark makes it realllllly difficult to get outta my nest!!  LOL  


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