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Friday, 16 September 2011

attack of the balloons!

the workday was LOOOOONG!  it was good, because i was able to get a lot accomplished, tho.  : )  oh, AND it was deli bar at lunch.  : )  it was also my friend marcie's last day of work before she goes on vacation to retirement.  her party was a lot of fun!!  they showed a really cute video that she had been in several years ago for her dept.  very creative, and a lot of ppl at the party were in it, and they'd forgotten all about it.  i had tears of laughter, as did many others.  : )  i also got to chat w/ some ppl i hadn't seen in awhile at the party, so that made me happy!  

after work, i met mom & leyton at her house & we went to jungle bungle for the zoo event.  

SO MUCH FUN!  : )  they had a bouncy house, and a few animals outside.  nothing to pet, sadly.  but there was a GORGEOUS owl, cute porcupine, and a very handsome python.  :)  sadly, i didn't get very good pictures, but here's what i have!  

back inside, we ordered a 1/2 sausage, 1/2 pepperoni & also got some of the new JoeGurt - happy joe's frozen yogurt.  they have snickerdoodle flavor!  so good!!  and there was a very cute guy working there who kindly didn't charge me for my froyo.  i tried a bit of the strawberry, tahitian vanilla, and of course snickerdoodle - which was the best!  i liked all 3, tho - not overly sweet or fake tasting, the snickerdoodle tasted just like a cookie.  i didn't get a shot of the AWESOME wall of froyo, but leyton did take one... 

i guess i do have one of leyton getting his dessert... 

that was is just so neat!  oooh, and the cute dude who gave me the froyo is there.  too bad he's not clearer!  

after we ate, mom took leyton down to the jungle bungle part, where there was face painting & car riding & idk what games they played down there!  but when he came back, leyton was a tiger.  : ) 

all the kids were given goody bags, and in those bags were nifty little poppers.  leyton's was a zebra.  so we played w/ it for a bit, and i got a really neat shot ... well, what do you think?  leyon really wanted gramma to WATCH it pop, so he gave her a little help in which way to look.  

see?  if he'd let her look away, she would have missed it!!  : )  

after a bit, leyton & i went back downstairs, while mom kept watch over our table/stuff.  there is a fun game of mini golf down there - not real mini golf, but a screen that has a mini golf course & then a real ball spits out & you hit it w/ a real club, and the computer knows where you hit it... no pictures because i brought my phone down to text w/ trish instead of my camera.  heh.  but that's okay!  we played the golf, some bee game, basketball, and skeeball, only there it's like fireball or something.  *laugh*  then we turned in his tickets for some trinkets & joined mom upstairs.  

leyton was given a clutch of balloons, which he was way excited about of course!  we put them in the way back of the car for the ride home.  here's what happened...

 group of balloons "innocently" hanging out in the back...

 hey, leyton, what's that over your shoulder? 

 they're coming to get me!!!

 KAPOW!  gotchya!  

tee hee!  

: )  i'm calling it - When Balloons Attack!  : )  

when i got home, i got to chat w/ erin for a bit, read some blogs, watch an interesting john stossel and GH... now i am thinking bed!!  

not sure what is going on tomorrow, but i know there will be some shopping... 

what're you doing this weekend?


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