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Monday, 12 September 2011

what a day!

sniffly & sneezy & tired & coughing & thankful that my throat isn't sore at the moment!

day started out w/ a nice breakfast on the go of bagel thin smeared w/ cream cheese & ham making a sort of breakfast sammich.  mmmm!  auto-pilot took me to my building instead of the auditorium for our quarterly meeting.  d'oh!  thankfully, it was also done by webcast, so i was able to be there virtually while going thru my backlog of email!  and i really am thankful - i like these meetings a lot, usually, but feel they're just asking for trouble when having it so early on a monday morning, at a different location than where i work!  LOL  anyway, the last presenter REALLY made me smile - he used non-traditional slides & made the presentation a lot of fun. i had to send him an email giving him kudos.  he then sent me a video he put together about his area, and it was really neat!  

my morning was a normal monday, otherwise, just playing catch up from being gone friday afternoon & getting through some email issues (as in, my email randomly shut down on me & i had to restart my computer!).  lunch sorta felt rushed, but was alright.  i had some tortilla soup because when i'm sick, soup just sounds good, ya know?  and they didn't have any chicken noodle, but i figured the spiciness of the tortilla soup would be helpful w/ this stuffy feeling!  (and it was helpful, and it was goood.)

after lunch, i had a phone call in response to an email i'd sent, trying to help this dude out.  the phone call was so brutal, as a matter of fact, that my heart was racing double time.  now, i am on medication for my heart (BP) which keeps it at an even keel - even through normal adrenaline pumping times, like when i thought that lady on the bridge was gonna take out my entire car, or when that deer hit chloe last year.  so, yeah, for my heart to be getting worked up, not such a good thing!  i was shaking so badly when i got off that call!  :(  i had done my best to help this guy out, every time there was an issue, too!  anyway, after i finally calmed down, i talked to my boss & we got everything sorted out.  so that was a yay *smiley* moment - except that i still feel bad for the irate customer!  

this, btw, is the reason i would leave someone the first time if they ever hit me.  i am way too sympathetic & if i didn't have a "no second chances" rule about physical violence, i would wind up in one of those crazy abusive relationships portrayed on Lifetime, where we all yell at the TV & say, "why would you stay w/ him?!"  "oh, he didn't mean to hit me.  he's sorry!"  uh, yeah.  i'm all - i forgive you, but get outta my house!

uh, tangent much?

where was i?

oh yeah, so because of all the drama of the irate person, i ended up staying later than i have in awhile to at least get some of the stuff done that i'd planned to work on this afternoon!  lol  by the time i left i was huuuungry!  i stopped at casey's for a diet pepper & got some yummy mini cookies as well.  but i only ate 2, then made more soup for dinner.  : )  butternut squash soup.  mmmm!  i'm so ready for autumn!  

i got to chat w/ april tonight, even tho she was loopy mc looperson.  ; )  she reminded me of a show i wanted to watch, The Lying Game, so i hulu'd.  sadly, for some reason episodes 1 & 2 were not available, so i watched 3 & 4 & of course became hooked.  hello, twins switch places?  danger & intrigue commence?  i'm there!  : )  

and now, once again, it is that time of the night when my bed calls to me!  some nights, i say, "no, bed, i must watch OLTL and GH and ... and... and..."  but tonight, i am saying... zzzzzzzzzzz!  LOL  i hope your monday was less full-moon crazy but just as full-moon beautiful as mine!  

ttfn!!  (and tonight you are doubly blessed, because you will be receiving TWO posts from me!  i'm working on a man candy post ... love you guys!)  

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