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Wednesday, 14 September 2011

i forget...

as in, i had a really great post title, but i forgot it.  ah well.  here's a list for my day, because it's almost 1 am and i need to SLEEP!  

- didn't feel well last night, and that sorta carried over into this morning.  i got up & knew i wasn't going to make it to work right then!  so i called in & went back to sleep.

- however, there's too much to do to be gone a whole day that hasn't been painstakingly planned out in advance, so i went in at 11.  i stopped by hardee's for a scrumptious breakfast & that made me feel marginally better!  God is good, you know?

- lunch was yummy tortilla soup.  it's getting colder (i switched from AC to heat because it's currently 37 degrees outside.  it was 90 earlier in the week!) and i adore soup during colder weather!  and the tortilla soup is slightly spicy, so it felt nice w/ my stuffies, too.  cleared up some sinuses for awhile!  : )  

- had a nice chat w/ one of our reps last thing before leaving work tonight.  she called to discuss some time card questions, and in the course of talking she mentioned that she's getting married next month.  i can't wait to see pictures, the wedding sounds beautiful!  i also got to see & chat w/ someone who used to work in payroll, and that was really nice!  she was my go-to person there for a long time, and i had missed chatting w/ her!  

- the day was long, even tho it was only 6 hours instead of 9.  but i really did feel a lot better after the soup!  : )  

- picked up dinner at arthur's for me & mom, then went to her house to read TV Guide, watch Teen Mom, Survivor's premier & Big Brother's finale.  OH SO HAPPY about the BB results!!!  *bounce*  yes, my ppl won, and i am so excited!  i've gotta keep my eyes & ears (and fellow BB peeps help me out) keen for everyone's next projects.  i just know rachel & brendan & jeff & jordan will have to be popping up here & there.  right?  hoping!!!  

- got to text w/ trish during survivor cuz she was watching, too, and that was an unexpected treat!  

- erm... i watched melissa & joey when i got home, and i fall a little bit in love w/ them both every time i watch!

- gotta remember to write out bill checks tomorrow.  was going to do it tonight, but it's too late & i'm tired!  *laugh*  oh, have to remember to get GROCERIES tomorrow, too.  huzzah!  

- found out for sure i'm going to the niabi zoo fundraiser on friday.  mom has the kids, so i'll be meeting them at happy joe's.  woot!  

- that's all i have for a list today!  oh, my friend becca wrote this wonderful blog about God's love for us, all of us, and the sacrifice Jesus chose to make.  check it out, and leave her a nice comment, won't you?  : )  i'm still working on my post for brooke.  oh!  and i filled out my lovely survey for the sparkle swap that i'm excited about!  i can't wait to get my person & start shopping to bring some sparkle to them!  : )  (and, let's be honest, see what my sparkle buddy will be sending!  LOL)  

have a great night & happy THURSDAY, and nicki - dress warm!  


oh yeah - check out my neat postcrossing from germany i got today, along w/ a letter from micaela & this awesome quote: 

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