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Sunday, 25 September 2011

of museums & balloons

this is a story about an off-duty police officer who will someday be a fire fighter, and the gramma & aunt who take him places. 

this morning, aunt carrie was awakened from a pretty cool dream featuring NEAL CAFFREY by the telephone. she had not been expecting the phone to ring until at least 10:30, but here it was, barely 8 o'clock!  she tried to go back to sleep, but the phone rang again, so she got up to see what was the matter.  it was her mom, saying she & leyton were up & would be picker her up in an hour.  oh my!  

aunt carrie attempted to watch thursday's GH and get the address for her sparkle swap partner, so she could address the package & go to the PO, but her computer was acting up.  she could hear jason & sam but she could not see them - and forget about trying to get gmail to open up.  finally, FINALLY, success - in the address section, not GH.  she will have to try again on sunday!  sadly, aunt carrie was out of time to get to the PO by the time she got the needed address.  sigh.  will have to run an errand before work on monday!  

officer leyton came knocking at the door around 9:30.  aunt carrie was a little intimidated, until he took off the hat & said he wasn't there to arrest her.  wheeeew!  he even let her try on his hat, as an act of goodwill!  (lol)

they set off onto the first of their afternoon adventures, the family museum!  with a little pit stop at kwik shop for coffee and a liquid bombpop for officer leyton.  there were many friendly ppl at the kwik shop, one of whom had an amaaaazing Twilight sweatshirt, featuring jacob w/o a shirt.  mmm!  

the family museum had many exiting things for our adventurers.  there was a tortoise named natasha: 

a firetruck that officer/firefighter leyton found fascinating: 

 "get in the back, please, aunt carrie!"
that little ladder is the cutest thing ever!!!


the wonderful world of Clifford:

and many other fun exhibits for aunt carrie, gramma, and officer leyton to enjoy: 

after all the playing, tummies began to rumble.  where should we have lunch?  they asked.  it was decided that chili's sounded delicious, and they set off to enjoy queso & chips, steak quesadillas, cheeseburgers and potato soup.  mmmm!  officer leyton colored a chili, and discovered that many others had done the same.  there were jack-o-lantern chilis, and chilis supporting the hawkeyes.

after lunch, it was decided that naps were in order, so our troupe headed back to gramma's for some much-needed rest.  aunt carrie pulled out her People magazines while gramma & officer leyton got some shut-eye.  around 4, everyone woke & packed back into the car for the day's final adventure - balloons!  

this one reminds me of indian corn.  : )  

officer leyton met many like-minded ppl, and even got to meet a real, live lieutenant of a ladder company.  exciting conversations commenced!  : )  there was funnel cake, and delicious hot dogs and brats, as well.  

aunt carrie's friend penelope was there, but they were unable to meet up.  :(  many texts were exchanged, but no success was found in finding penelope & her family.  alas!  however, aunt carrie's friend greg was also in attendance with his family, and she was able to visit w/ them for awhile!  : )  

due to weather concerns - there had been some lightning spotted amongst the clouds - the balloons were unable to take off, but they did still produce an attractive "glow" once the sun went down.

our adventurers picked up some cookies & a marshmallow on a stick from a fundraising booth, and headed home to bed after their FUN and exhausting adventurous day.  : )  

i hope you enjoyed our story tonight!  what did you do today?  blessings to you, and ttfn!!

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