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Saturday, 24 September 2011

a story of autumn/fall

My favorite things about autumn (which is a name I love, and sounds so much prettier than “fall” although I do refer to the season as such if I’m not thinking about it)…
Popcorn balls – Warm drinks like tea & coffee – Soup!!! – The leaves changing colours – Crisp weather – Wearing long sleeves – Long pajama pants – Fuzzy socks – My birthday (duh), the beginning of the holiday season – Thanksgiving – Christmas (okay, that’s winter, so I’m done now!  LOL)
I love the feeling of pulling my sleeves down & zipping up my jacket & breathing in the air & hearing the leaves rustle. 
I love watching the squirrels get fatter & seeing Pumpkin EVERYTHING popping up in all the restaurants.
: )

up next - a story of museums & balloons!  


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