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Sunday, 11 September 2011


today was adventureland day w/ juli, sarah & andrew.  i got up on time but of course didn't get out of the house on time.  *laugh*  we were on the road about an hour after our planned time.  well, part of that was because andrew didn't want to sit in leyton's car seat, so we took it out & put andrew's in.  then we stopped to petrol up chloe, and juli realized she left her camera at home.  we turned around & went back to the house to get it.  THEN we were off!  : )  

the ride to altoona went really well.  the kids got a long mostly, juli & i got to talk, and other than a beheaded barbie, no toys were harmed during the ride.  lol  we stopped a couple times for breakfast & drinks & loos, and saw a SWEET mustang painted w/ the hawkeye icon on the front.  i wish i'd taken a picture!  alas, the hawks lost to the cyclones today.  

the mcdonald's in coralville that we stopped had had some pretty neat seats & decorations!  and also a stand of game consoles which i've never seen in a restaurant before.  that was quite interesting!  

we arrived at the land of adventure around noon.  stood in some lines, rode some rides.  most of the lines were not long at all.  

some of our favorites were the balloons & the log ride.  

i did not go on the log ride because i didn't want to get soaked.  but then andrew roped me into going on this innertube/waterslide thing & my feet got soaked!  d'oh!  it was still fun, tho!  : )  

after that, i refused to go on the rapids ride, tho.  LOL  the sign says you could get drenched, and pregnant ladies shouldn't ride, so we sent andrew & sarah w/ another mom & her kids.  heh.  they had a blast!  and i took some pretty photos of the pretty waters... : )  

the one food i wanted was funnel cake - i was gonna do a hot dog & then funnel cake for dinner.  then i totally forgot & ordered a mini pizza.  d'oh!  so, no funnel cake for me.  i did get some nice souvenirs, tho.  :)  i've been wanting a hot drinks cup & found a cute purple Adventureland one.  yay!  it's dishwasher AND microwave safe.  perfect!  i also found some more postcards.  ahhh, postcards.  *laugh*  

we checked out the arcade after dinner, and found this goofy-looking game: 

LOL  yep - it is called stinky feet.  nutty.  

the kids fell asleep on the drive home, giving juli & i more opportunity to chat.  : )  it was a lovely sunset, too! we made it to juli's around 10 & the kids went right in to go to bed.  it was a long & FUN day!  i stopped at the gas station on my way home for a pumpkin spice coffee.  mmmm!  not as good as the bucks, but for $1.50 it was delicious!  

it's now after 2 AM & i am ready to SLEEP!  watched an episode of Neal (dreamy, dreamy neal!) & 3 eps of Suits & they were allllllll terrific episodes!!  

how was your saturday?



  1. Sounds like a great day. I spent part of my day shopping for my 80's costume for an upcoming theme party we are going to!!

  2. oooh, that sounds fun! will there be pictures?? ; )