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Friday, 3 December 2010

winter is here

snow is pretty but i hate driving in it.  i know you've all heard that before.

i hate it when ppl poo-poo on those of us who hate driving in the snow.  i think it's great that they don't mind it - but are they going to chauffer me around all winter when it snows?  are they going to come to my house & shovel?  are they going to clear off my car at 5 or 6 when i leave work?  are they going to fix the remote start on my car?  

i didn't think so.  

plus, having been in no less than 4 snow-time accidents, and having been stopped in traffic due to many more snowy crashes, i think i have the right to hate driving in it.  thank you.  

speaking of snowy crashes, i was stuck in traffic due to one tonight.  and a water mane break.  of which there were apparently THREE in town today.  (i was stopped for 15 minutes in this line, which is when i took these pictures - sorry for the quality, or lack thereof! - just so you don't think i was actually DRIVING and snapping photos in this weather.)

it is pretty, i acknowledge that.  

the snow - not the accidents.

as i passed the crew repairing one of the water manes, i stopped right by the guy being interviewed for the news.  my car may have been on the 6 o'clock.  interesting!

when i got home, i had some happy mail!  i haven't scanned in the postcard & christmas cards yet, but i'll try to do that tomorrow while watching the hubby's show.  mmmm.  mark harmon.  tonight i watched a couple episodes of Psych (they did an homage to Twin Peaks, so awesome!!!) and Burn Notice.  BN reminds me a little of The Invisible Man - lots of action & humor.  : )  

i also received my BEATIFUL christmas ornament from micaela's swap - lisa picked out a really pretty red, glass ornament.  

thank you, lisa, so much!!!!  and also thank you to micaela for putting the whole thing together.  so awesome! : )  i haven't decided if i'm putting up my tree or not - i might just get out all the christmas ornaments & set them about the house.  okay, who am i kidding?  i already have some of them around the house.  lol  

i also got my photo album & calendar from walgreens.com.  LOVE THEM!  i really hope mom likes her calendar!  now i need to make one for phil, still.  

my work day ... well, i got in early.  or late, depending on how you look at it.  my normal start time is 8:30, but there was our quarterly meeting at HQ at 7:30.  since i was gone yesterday, i didn't have the reminder for it, and i came in a little after 8.  d'oh!  BUT the neat thing is they just started doing video conferencing, so i could watch it online as i worked!  : ) that was cool.  the rest of my day was CRAAAZY busy - had my PM meeting, which went pretty well.  same things as always irritated me about it, but since the good comments are about my work and what i'm actually getting paid to do, and the bad comments are about ppl's perceptions of certain things, which i can't do anything about... i'm not letting it irriate me.  much.  ; )  

i got a LOT accomplished, which felt good!  didn't even have to stay late tonight!  thank God, because it was snowing big flakes, and i had to clean off my car plenty.  also, it took me almost 2 hours to get home.  normal commute is 20-30 minutes!!  yeesh!  again, thankful i got home safely, tho.  : )  

phil fixed my loo today, such a nice brother!  

and now, sleep is calling!  all in all, i'd call today a good day.  how bout yours?  



  1. Carrie Marie I'm telling you me and you are SO alike! I seriously, seriously HATE driving in the snow. I get such anxiety! I hate everything about the cold - I hate having to start the car early, I hate freezing outside while trying to smoke a cig, I just hate the cold period. My first accident was because of icy roads. And I hate when people still drive like crazy even though the weather is bad. I wonder if you car made it on the news? :) Your ornament is so pretty!! :) It's kinda sad, but I haven't put up a tree in years! I just go over to my mom's and enjoy her Christmas tree and decorations :) Putting up ornaments around the house sounds like a good idea though. I have a Big Ben ornament that stays out year round :) I hope you had a great week and an even better weekend! I have just been so busy, I'm thankful for a Friday night in where I just lounge on the recliner wearing my PJ's and catching up on blogs. I have missed you SO much!! Thank you for your sweet message :) Love you!!

  2. YES! those drivers who think that they can still go 50 mph when it's snowy & icky out annoy the heck outta me. my mom tends to be one of those driver, too. lol

    happy you had a friday night to relax & catch up on blogs! i've missed you much!! : ) *HUGS*

  3. what a gorgeous ornament!! i am sooo glad you joined and played along! :)

    i'm sure lisa will love hers cos you have AMAZING taste!!!- like i just got the MOST AMAZING package today (as if the one i got yesterday wasn't enough!!!) and "the from" was from a BEAUTIFUL girl who happens to be YOU!!! oh my goodness Carrie!! to borrow your word *bounce!* I LOVE LOVE LOVE my plethora of GORGEOUS journals! max couldn't believe how nice the italy leather one was. I had to giggle and smile because in your card you said you wanted to get him something and couldn't think of what to get him.. well we're going to use the leather journal as our book for love letters to each other! :) so you see, it was a special gift for both of us. AWWW sweetie you are FULL of God's goodness. I can't imagine not knowing you!

    my christmas gift to you will be coming... just ordered two things off etsy (where else?! lol) so please forgive me if it's a bit late :)


    xoxoxo Micaela

  4. micaela, that is an AMAZING idea to use the italy journal for love notes! i'm so glad to read that!! : ) wait, i get a present, too?? *bounce* yay!! you are too many things, and all of them are fab! love ya!! *HUGS* (and go ahead and give max a hug from me, too. he seems like a pretty okay husband. *grin*)