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Thursday, 30 December 2010

darklight aka i totally don't match & i totally don't care : )

i was up early this morning.  i'd been dreaming of odd things, which i don't remember now because i didn't write them down right away.  *sigh*  i need to keep that notebook by my bed again, i guess.  fixed a little breakfast & tried to go back to bed, to no avail.  so i took the opportunity to catch up on some bloggy blogs!  : )  i've missed all my darlings.  that's what each blog is, a darling!  i love to read about ppl's lives, see photos, peer into psyches.  

around 1, i left to meet aunt judy & cousin jenni for lunch at granite city.  you can read about it here if you haven't checked out the menu yet!  : )  it was an amazing hour & a half, especially because aunt nancy & uncle gene joined us, which was a surprise to me!  i have been soooo blessed with this family, and i'm so grateful!

after lunch, i stopped at TJ Maxx in the hopes of finding something for my B's.  i had a specific something in mind, and PTL i found EXACTLY what i'd been looking for!  sweeeetness!  : )  my plan after that was to go to gordman's & hallmark, but i once again forgot to put a new check pack in my purse, and so i just went to the bucks & then home to watch Chuck.  i think the entire cast of firefly has been on this show, except maybe nathan.  anyone know for sure off the tops of their heads?  

oh, postcrossing in the mail from north carolina when i got home.  

and mom & leyton will be picking me up soon, to go be pirates at chick fil a.  then leyton bug's gonna spend the night, so we'll play w/ stuff.  idk what stuff, that's up to him!  he's always got some sort of plan up his sleeve.  but it was so cute when mom told him - he said "Yaaaay!" really loud.  *grin*  

tomorrow i'll do the rest of my shopping, and i hope he'll want to come with me, but we'll see.  *laugh*  then tomorrow night i get to see my B's, and i'm excited!  it's a big house party, so i'm sure i won't stay long, cuz there'll be lots of ppl.  but just long enough to play santa & get some hugs.  : )  


oh yeah - and my totally not matching... i'm wearing christmas tree PJ pants and pink & white striped fuzzy socks.  and i totally don't care.  : )  LOVE!!!

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  1. Glad you had a great lunch! :) I currently am wearing my pink fuzzy socks and I agree - LOVE :) Fuzzy socks make everything cozy! Have fun with Leyton :)