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Sunday, 12 December 2010

this weekend...

i read a book.  Life As We Know it, and it was really good!  i didn't want to put it down, even while i was playing w/ leyton & taking pictures & all that!  i did manage to play, and read some other things like Twas the Night Before Christmas for leyton's entertainment.  : )  

saturday i got up an hour earlier than expected & got debi & sarah's packages wrapped up & headed to the PO.  it was raining BUCKETS!  and the line was 1/2 way across the  post office boxes!  but there were really sweet ppl in line & they had 3 ppl working the counter, so it moved pretty fast.  and now 3 more packages are on their way!  i still have april, joy & one more package to mail out.  so, i'll be going to the PO next weekend, as well, unless i take a couple hours sometime this week & go during lunch.  which i might actually do becuase the lines should be shorter!  i also had planned to have my christmas cards out by now, but that didn't happen.  

mom & leyton picked me up for lunch & since the weather ppl were all blaring BLIZZARD WARNINGS all over the place, i packed a bag to stay the night in case the weather did what they said.  plus, that way bret could borrow my car to get groceries, which is what we'd had planned for the afternoon!  

we went to chick fil a, and had a GREAT surprise!  

leyton was so excited, but for whatever reason wouldn't hold his smile for a picture!  still, he loved it.  and then he got to play w/ a group of girls in the play area, and it was so cute!!  : )  i didn't take a picture, because i try not to take pictures of children i'm not related to (by blood or by friendship) out of respect.  heh.  after they all had to go, he came back to the table to finish his food & play w/ spiderman while mom got her soda refilled & hit the loo & such things.  

spider man joined us in the van, and leyton did some photographing, too... 

it was still just raining when we left the restaurant, and we were going stop at hy vee to get macaroni & cheese & cinnamon bread, but then mom changed her mind 6 times - as she does - and we ended up going back to her house so leyton could take a nap & then she would run back to hy vee.  except that when we got home, it started sleeting, and so she didn't want to go back out!  *laugh*  she & i read while leyton napped.  it was a nice, QUIET two hours.  sometimes i forget what quiet sounds like, but it's nice every once in awhile.  

my weekend book, about the end of the world, kinda, was very intense, and it was good to have time to get into it.  of course, then there was the not wanting to put it down thing.  *laugh*  i finished the last 10 pages when i got home this afternoon, and started the 2nd book - which isn't really a sequel, but more of a companion book, The Dead and The Gone.  it happens at the same time as the first book, but in a different part of the world, from someone else's perspective.  then the 3rd book, The World We Live In, is about a year after the end of the world (kinda) and involves the main characters from the first two books, who meet & face challenges together.  i'm glad i have all three of them to read back to back to back!  : )  

amidst all the reading, there was much playing as well!  the pictures are not as crisp as i would like them, i'm not quite used to the purse camera settings anymore!!  

 yes, that is tape.  he wanted to tape himself into his chair.  LOL 

 i need to dig out the picture from last year of him in front of this tree.  his hair was longer & curly, and you can see how he's grown in a year!  : ) 

today i made scrambled eggs w/ cheese & sausage w/ maple for breakfast.  leyton had eggs & sausage & toast, too, but before i got up.  heh.  then for lunch we went to steak & shake before mom & leyton brought me home.  the little paper hat is just TOO SWEET!

all in all, it was a good weekend, even if grammy's christmas did get postponed to next week because of "the storm" that wasn't.  hopefully the weather won't "be" doing anything next weekend... 

now i'm watching Buffy w/ bret & he'll be going to life group in a bit.  then i'll try to catch up w/ ... something on hulu.  LOL  maybe see if april's around to chat.  : )  

oh, yes, i also got this lovely postcrossing from the netherlands!  

and a christmas card from one of my visiting teachers w/ pictures of her gorgeous family!  happy mail!  : )  hope everyone had a safe & happy weekend, too!  



  1. Sounds like such a fun weekend! :) I loved looking at all the adorable photos! Leyton just steals my heart each and every time I see a precious photo of him :) I am glad he snapped a picture of you only if I got to see half of you and spidy! :) I can see what it looks like out your car window and it looks like it's FREEZING! So glad it hasn't started snowing here in Texas yet! Last Christmas we had a bit of a blizzard ourselves, esp for this part of the country and I do not want a repeat! Your mom seems so sweet :) So many times this past week and even before that I have wished me and you could chat. I have wanted to reach for my phone and call you or text you about something I have seen or read about. I'm going to have to sign up for skype so we can have some chat dates!
    Speaking of reading...those books you are reading sound very good and intense! End of the world things always scare me though. I sometimes have disturbing nightmares about the end of the world and it's always after I watch a movie like "2012" that involves that topic. So I don't know if I should read these, but they sound really good and since you enjoy them I think I would too!
    I hope you have a great week ahead Carrie! love you!

  2. i hope the blizzard isnt too bad! about a month ago, we have blizzard warnings in utah...yeah some blizzard. hope the same happens for you. unless you want the blizzard, that is.

  3. marz - oh, it can't snow in texas, that just messes w/ my head too much! *laugh* it IS really cold, but thankfully no blizzard. and this week it's supposed to warm up, i think. the books are awesome - i'm about 1/3 thru the 2nd one now. nightmares aren't fun, tho, so maybe we'll just keep you near the romances and the non-scary-dream inducing books! ; ) altho this series does have some romance!

    corey - i never want a blizzard unless i don't have plans & can just stay in the house reading. *laugh* and even then i don't want it because it makes it hard to go outside to smoke!! lol snow should make a polite appearance for christmas & that is all. heh.