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Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Kansas City Trip - With Photos! : )

it's very nice to be home, after so much time in the car!!  and especially because the trip home was done almost exclusively in this pea-soup-like FOG.  oye.  *laugh*  the Lord got us safely home.  : ) 

sunday, as you know, i was driving around & my windshield got cracked, and of course i took a picture w/ my phone but not my camera, and idk how to get the phone pictures to the computer.  LOL  so, monday i took it to the glass place to have it repaired  - Satin NorthPark Glass did an AWESOME job!  and they even washed the car.  : )  i love when places do that.  mom & i ran some errands while waiting, and picked misha up.  we met back at my house to pick up bret.  first thing, bret & misha were at each other's throats!  agh!  they got over it quickly & pretty soon things looked like this in the back seat... 

yes, she's painting his nails - black & white!

we stopped at subway for dinner & gave the boys there a good time.  LOL  really, i think we were the most fun they'd had all day.  : )  the drive down to KC went really well, and we found gaia's house, where the kids were to stay, fairly easily thanks to penelope.  heh!  then mom & i went to the staybridge in independence - but they wanted nearly $200 a night!  then we went to a holiday inn express, but they wanted $144 a night for a standard room.  right next door, however, was a comfort inn, which only charged $90 a night for a suite.  : )  AWESOME!  

above the inn was this really pretty church.

these pictures were taken today - we didn't get in to KC monday til after midnight, or at least not to the hotels!  of course the first thing i did was get a shot of mr bear in his home away from home.  : )  

and some others of the room before we made it too messy.  ; )  it was a nice room, very comfortable, and LOTS of channel options on the TV.  heh.  and yeah, the dates are messed up, sorry bout that.  LOL  mom & i slept very soundly monday night & i didn't get up til 11:30ish, i think.  mom was up & taking advantage of the gym.  heh.  we got going early afternoon & went to master wok for lunch, WM for some stuff, tim & amy's to drop off shawna's stuff, and then drove around trying to find the convention center... penelope was not very helpful in this regard!

we finally decided to give up & see a movie, which was a very good movie!  How Do You Know, starring my favorite reese witherspoon, paul rudd, jack nicholson, and a few others whose names i can't think of but i love them in everything they're in... it was a very different romcom, but good.  and the popcorn was delicioso!

today we were going to do lunch at the rib crib, which i was looking forward to some BBQ, but my tummy was just not up to anything spicy or remotely different!  so we went to IHOP the pancake house, not to be confused w/ IHOP the prayer place.  altho we're always praying!  : )  and we didn't actually eat pancakes... i had banana bread french toast, which is my new favorite dish, and CRISPY bacon.  i really forget how much i love crispy bacon until i have some.  heh.  

the drive home was, as i said, quite foggy.  before we got out of missouri, tho, we made some interesting stops... 

 so... you took out the phone, why keep the booth up??

that last one is a car dealership, and involved a bathroom of one sort or another.  *laugh*  

once we got back into town, we were going to Sancho's, but then mom was too tired.  so instead we stopped at blockbuster & then taco john's.  we each got 2 movies, When In Rome & WWJD for me, and Despicable Me & something else for mom.  When In Rome is one of my all time FAVORITE romantic comedies, and i will own it one of these days.  : )  josh duhamel.  josh duhamel.  JOSH DUHAMEL!!!!!!  *ahem*  sorry, did i mention i like this guy?  

then there was, What Would Jesus Do? is a really great message movie, and if you haven't seen it, rent it!  it really makes you think about how the little decisions you make and the big ones can all be made with that thought in mind.  

what else?  oh!  i'd like to say a big HELLO and THANK YOU to all the new followers, and for all the comments on the giveaway!  i'll be picking a winner next week, so YOU still have time to enter, as well!  ; )  

and that's all i got for now!  movie's over & i think sleep will be calling soon.  ttfn!!  love!  

before we left monday, i got some lovely postcrossings, and an AMAZING christmas package from micaela - THANK YOU SO MUCH!  : )  she even sent chocolates & Cars pens for leyton bug, how sweet was that??  (also, in the background you can see one of the cute magnets marianne sent me that their mama made for me a little while ago *grin*)

 whoops, forgot to turn that around... it's from poland.  
 this one's from estonia.  love!!
and micaela's card, fitting right in to the tree theme...!

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  1. LOVED reading about your trip and looking at all the pics. What a nice hotel room! Glad you were able to find such a good deal. I love sleeping in the comfortable big hotel beds! Mr. Bear looks really comfortable :) I'm glad you guys had a great time :) I love road trips! Now that Micaela is in El Paso I see quite a few in my future :) It was REALLY foggy here a couple mornings ago. I want to see that new Reese Witherspoon movie so bad! I love her so much! And can you believe I've never seen "When In Rome"? I'll need to watch that asap! Thanks for the suggestion. At the moment I am watching "Becoming Jane" I love this movie! And I love having Fridays off ;)