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Saturday, 18 December 2010

hangin' out AKA I GOT A NEW PURSE!!

and it's PURPLE!  : )  

so, after the post office - everyone was very nice & the line moved superfast! - i went to the mall, intending to finally use my mystery gift card at victoria's secret.  however, the parking lot was INSANE (well, duh LOL) and i think i saw evil dawn (altho this lady looked happy, so maybe it wasn't her - or maybe she's not evil anymore, that would be nice for whomever she's working with now...).  anyway, i decided to call mom & see if she wanted to go to Osaka for lunch & then the mall.  heh.  parking lots don't freak me out so much if someone else is driving.  ; )  

she was taking grammy to get her hair did (*laugh*) and then said she'd give me a call.  i came home & watched some Huge til she picked me up.  we went to osaka & i had some delicious sushi rolls, which you can read about and see a picture of here.  

after lunch, we went to target to get my new phone.  it was between the Loft: 

and the Rumor Touch (or 2):

mom thought i'd like the rumor because it's slimmer, but i really don't want a touch screen right now.  i might change my mind, but at the moment i have to go w/ the loft.  so we got that, then found my purse - which i know it seems silly, but i've been looking for this exact make-up for so long that it's like God gave it to me!  it's a bucket style, w/ dividers, but they go all the way down so they truly divide as opposed to just appearing to divide but allowing everything to mush together at the bottom!  and, PURPLE!  i haven't had a different colored purse in ages!  the last one was baby blue, many years ago.  for the past decade they've all been black or brown.  which has been great, but i needed some color.  : )  

i also found this, and snatched it up: 

the purse & the cd i thought i was buying, but mom bought them for me for Christmas!  *happy dance* leyton & i listened to it all night, and he loved it, too!  jingle bells was a song in his program so he knows it, and he was learning o christmas tree.  so cute to hear him sing!  : )  

after target, we slowly made our way to the mall.  traffic, traffic, everywhere!  lol  mom went to von maur & JCP while i went to VS.  i stopped at kitchens for an iced vanilla latte first.  yum!  my mystery card was only $10, but hey it was $10!  lol  i got a purse sized Heavenly & Love Spell, so it's all good!   it was CROWDED, tho, obviously!  the Lord blessed us w/ good parking everywhere, tho, and short lines!

mom dropped me at home & i warmed up chloe to pick leyton up.  he chose BK for dinner, so we went there & ate & played for an hour.  

 seriously love this expression!  LOL 

thankfully, there weren't many ppl there!  he sat very nicely in respect of the other ppl who were there, and then when they were gone he got to run free.  heh.  i asked the workers if they minded, and they didn't, so that was a plus.  not trying to tick any restaurant staff off, ya know?!  

after dinner, we went to kohl's to spend my kohl's cash.  he got some cars & i got a blanket & an ornament for auntie jan.  : )  oh, and some gloves!  wonderful gloves!  : )  mine were getting kinda worn.  on the way home, we drove through a christmas neighborhood to see some lights.  one of the houses had an awesome lighted figure display, which lit up to music.  so neat!  

then it was time to come home, get jams on & pop some popcorn to watch our new thomas video!  i was going to save it for christmas, but i caved & opened it tonight.  *laugh*  it's really fortunate that leyton likes thomas so much because i really enjoy it, too, so i don't mind watching it over & over again.  don't get me wrong, i like shrek, too... i just don't want to watch it 3 times in a row - probably because it's a full length movie whereas the thomas episodes are like 15 minutes long.  ... ... altho... to be honest, i really didn't mind watching hero of the rails back to back, either, so i guess it's just that i like thomas more than i like shrek?  interesting revelation there... *laugh*  

anywhoo!  got him to bed around 10:30, bret's staying at his friend's again, and here it is almost 2 am & i'm still up!  i finished the season of Huge, tho!  : )  GOOD show for certain!  but, of course i should really go to bed now.  

oh!  before i do, tho, i started to write a post this afternoon & for some reason didn't publish.  so, instead of posting twice, i'm just going to copy & paste it here.  please visit amanda & don's blog, and maybe a couple of the blogs on Saturday Around The World, cuz they're pretty neat!  : )  

take care, and TTFN!  

today i have been packing up my final christmas gifts to ship out - to joy & april & natalie.  as i was writing cards, i thought i'd read some blogs, too, and lindsay linked up to this really fun project called Saturday Around The World!  this morning i've been to france, canada and california.  and some other blogs idk where they're at.  *laugh*  i know a lot of us are always looking to meet new ppl & gain new friendships, so i thought i'd share w/ y'all.  : )

currently, my hands are all sparkly from the christmas cards.  my tummy is full of waffle/egg/jam sammich and a bit of dark chocolate almond bar.  i'm contemplating going to starbucks, but will likely just take a diet pepsi lime with me, because the post office is before starbucks & i don't want to back track!  *laugh*

i'm wondering how busy the PO will be.  will there be nice ppl in line like the past 3 weekends?

bret didn't come home last night & hasn't texted to say where he is, so i hope he's okay.  i'll text him in a little bit & yell at him.  (not really yell at him, altho he really should tell me when he's not coming home just so i don't worry, but he's an adult, so i guess i just shouldn't worry.  LOL)


i'm hoping to catch up on my reading today, but then leyton might be coming over - or he might be staying at grammas, no one knows yet!  either way, i'd like to go out & see some LIGHTS tonight!  and tomorrow is another christmas.  : )

ttfn - probably later today.  LOL


  1. LOVE your new beautiful, purple purse! I'm so glad you were able to find exactly what you were looking for :) It's so perfectly you!! And that's so sweet that your mom got it and the CD for you :) I wish I could get into Glee :( Maybe if I actually watched it I might. The only episode I have ever seen is the Britney one :) Thanks for sharing the photos of Leyton (always makes me happy!) and the Christmas lights as well! How are you liking your new phone? I'm like you, I didn't want a touch screen just yet either.

  2. Thanks, Marianne! I think if you watched Glee you might like it, but I'll still like ya even if you don't like it! LOL and oh my heck, i am having fun playing w/ my new phone! not sure about the tiny little keys yet, tho... taking some getting used to. love the camera feature, tho! : ) love that you don't want a touch screen yet, too!!

  3. OMG! Glee Christmas + new purse + lights = what a great Christmas!